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  • Estate & Vintage Jewelry Event

     Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Inquire about our Estate Event!

    On September 25 & 26, we will be hosting a two day event filled with some of the most incredible estate and vintage jewelry in the country. If you're an admirer or lover of unique period pieces and large diamond and gemstone jewelry, this is a must-attend event! Not only will there be almost 100 pieces of jewelry to shop, we will also be buying jewelry from the public. If you want to acquire estate jewelry or are looking to sell your own, mark your calendars for this event!

    Shop Estate Jewelry

    During this event, we will have almost every period recognized. From Georgian and Victorian to Art Deco and Edwardian, you will be amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces able to be purchased. If you're looking for a signed piece, shop designs from iconic jewelry houses such as Oscar Heyman, Van Cleef & Arpels, Schlumberger, Tiffany & Company, David Webb, Buccellati and more. This two day event will represent the best selection of estate jewelry that Indianapolis has to offer. Below are some of the items that will be available to purchase during the event.

    Open Work Oscar Heyman Diamond Circle Pin

    Open Work Diamond Oscar Heyman Circle Pin

    Aquamarine and Sapphire Earrings

    Sapphire and Aquamarine Earrings

    Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

    Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

    Bell Estate Diamond Necklace

    Bell Estate Diamond Necklace

    Diamond Art Deco Bracelet

    Diamond Art Deco Bracelet

    Oscar Heyman Multi-Color Earrings

    Oscar Heyman Multi Color Earrings

    South Sea Pearl and Pink Diamond Earrings

    South Sea Pearl Pink Diamond Earrings

    David Webb Zebra Ring

    David Webb Zebra Ring

    Schlumberger Croisillion Bracelet

    Schlumberger Croisillion Bracelet

    Oscar Heyman Multi-Gem Pansy Earrings

    Oscar Heyman Multi-Gem Pansy Earrings



    Sell Estate Jewelry

    At Moyer, we are always looking to acquire the finest estate jewelry. We are a buyer and seller of fine jewelry, gold, diamonds, and fine timepieces. In business for almost 40 years, we are trusted as Indiana's estate and diamond experts. We also provide instant payment to clients looking to divest.

    Let us assess your fine jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds and watches, and help you get the maximum amount of money for your valuables. Trust our experts with your modern one carat diamond engagement ring or rare family heirlooms.

    Trade Your Estate Jewelry

    If you're looking to trade your jewelry, we are happy to access your item(s) for trade. Because of our knowledge of period and vintage jewelry, we can accurately assess your jewelry and offer you a cash value or trade-in value while you wait.


    If you would like to schedule an appointment for the estate jewelry event, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.


  • Financing Your Engagement Ring? Let Moyer Pay Your First Bill!

     Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Inquire about our Financing Promotion!

    Engagement Ring Financing Promotion

    Did you know Moyer offers financing options? Absolutely, we always offer 12 months, 0% interest financing and 60 months, fixed 9.99% interest financing!* And this month, when you finance your engagement ring, we are paying your first bill! That's right, get your first bill paid when you buy your engagement ring at Moyer. We're also extending this offer to include diamond upgrades, anniversary bands, and wedding bands!

    How Does Financing Work? 

    After you find your perfect engagement ring, our sales professionals will walk you through your financing options. Our most popular plan is the 12 months, 0% interest financing option because it's same as cash. We also have other options such as 6 months, 0% Interest and 60 months with a fixed 9.99% interest plan if you need a little bit more time to pay for your ring.

    After you've decided on the plan, our sales professional will take you through the financing application. Altogether, the application takes about 5 minutes to complete. We work with Wells Fargo or Synchrony Financial to get you approved for the amount of your engagement ring. After you're approved, you simply sign a copy of the receipt, and you're done! A few weeks later, Wells Fargo will send you your card and details about the payment plan you selected.

    What Does this Promotion Cover?

    Engagement Rings

    Engagement Ring Financing Promotion

    Regardless of the size, shape, style or overall price of the ring, engagement rings are covered in this promotion. Whether you're searching for the perfect solitaire engagement setting or a pave adorned, detailed setting, you can take advantage of this incredible deal. Do you already have a diamond, but you want to update your setting? Engagement Ring settings are part of this deal as well!

    Wedding Bands

    Wedding Band Financing Promotion

    If you're searching for wedding bands, you're most likely in the process of planning a wedding. Chances are you are in the process of paying for all of the accouterments that come with a wedding. Need to finance your wedding bands for a little payment flexibility? Be our guest! We are happy to help you find the perfect wedding bands and give you that flexible payment plan you desire. Not to mention we're covering your first bill!

    Anniversary Bands

    Anniversary Band Financing Promotion

    If you're getting ready to celebrate a big anniversary or just looking to get your spouse a special gift, our anniversary bands are also included in this month's financing program. You can take 12 months to pay for a gorgeous, sparkly diamond anniversary band, and we'll pay your first bill!


    Diamond Upgrades

    Diamond Upgrade Financing Promotion

    In the search for a bigger, better diamond for your engagement ring? Now is a great time to shop our extensive diamond collection AND get an incredible deal. Our financing promotion includes loose diamonds**!

    If you have questions about this promotion, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.

    *Not valid in combination with any other offer, discount or coupon. Promotion does not include 6 month finance plans.

    **Most loose diamonds are included in the promotion.

  • Anniversary Bands at Moyer Fine Jewelers

     Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Inquire about Anniversary Bands!

    It’s wedding season, which means your anniversary could be right around the corner! An anniversary band is a great way to celebrate years of marriage, and a sign of renewed commitment to your partner. Whether you are celebrating one year of marriage or 50 years together, ditch the flowers and chocolate and make this year truly special with a diamond band from Moyer.

    What is an Anniversary Band?

    Anniversary bands are similar to wedding bands in that they celebrate-you guessed it- anniversaries!  Typically an anniversary band is comprised of larger diamonds, which give it a higher carat total weight than a traditional wedding band.

    Moyer has a selection of anniversary bands ranging from 1 carat total weight up to 10 carats total weight.  When you shop at Moyer, you will find bands with round brilliant diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds or oval shape diamonds. Although white diamonds are the most popular in these bands, they also come available in fancy yellow diamonds. Looking for a band with diamond halos around each diamond? How about a style with multiple rows of diamonds? Find several of these band options by Norman Silverman, Rahaminov Diamonds and our other designers when you shop at Moyer.

    Norman Silverman Anniversary Band, FM715

    Norman Silverman, FM715

    Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F15209

    Norman Silverman, F15209

    Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F14459

    Norman Silverman, F14459

    Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F14458

    Norman Silverman, F14458

    Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F14206

    Norman Silverman, F14206

    Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F11607

    Norman Silverman, F11607

    After finding the diamond shape and size you like, you will choose whether or not you want the diamonds to go half way around the band, three-fourths of the way around the band, or all the way around the band. When diamonds continue around the entire band, the style is referred to as “eternity”.

    How do you wear an Anniversary Band?

    Anniversary bands can be worn multiple ways. Some women choose to stack their new band with their wedding set. This gives them a trendy, stacked look! Other women choose to wear their band as a right hand ring on the fourth finger. Either option is perfectly acceptable, and dare we say, going to be beautiful!

    For any questions about this blog or to schedule an appointment to shop anniversary bands, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.

  • Tamara Comolli's Mikado Acorns Around the World

     Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Inquire about Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns!

    The Mikado collection by Tamara Comolli is instantly recognizable because of the unique acorn shape of the gemstones. The collection features over 30 different colors of cabochon-style gemstones. Wear them paired to create many different looks and various color stories. Add Mikado charms to bracelets or necklaces, and they look fantastic layered together.

    Recently, the Tamara Comolli brand has gained recognition through being featured in travel photos with the hashtag #acornsaroundtheworld. The photos show the necklace featured in destinations from Florida to Germany to the Philippines!

    Acorns Around the World

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns in Peridot, Diamond Pave and Blue Topaz

    Tropical spirit with the Swiss blue topaz, peridot and diamond mikado acorns in the Caribbean!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns in Amethyst and Orange Moonstone

    Purple and orange hues from the amethyst and orange moonstone mikado acorns match the sunset in Morocco!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns

    Pretty blues and greens in the Maldives!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns in Amethyst, Orange Moonstone and Pave Diamond

    Oceanside with amethyst, diamond and orange moonstone in Key Biscayne!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorn in Swiss Blue Topaz

    Rich Swiss blue topaz as deep as the ocean in Portugal!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns on White Cord

    Cool, calming grey moonstone for the coastline of Santorini!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns in Peridot, Blue Topaz and Amethyst

    Bright shades of amethyst, topaz and peridot shine in the city of Barcelona!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorns in Swiss Blue Topaz and Peridot

    Different sized, layered acorns shining bright in Basel, Switzerland!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorn Necklace in Amethyst and Orange Moonstone

    Sunny days and positive vibes with amethyst and orange moonstone in the Dominican Republic!

    Tamara Comolli Mikado Acorn Necklace

    Sweet treats and bright acorns in Belgium!

    Where will you travel with your acorns? Wherever your travels take you, be sure to pack your Tamara Comolli Mikado pendants and use the hashtag #acornsaroundtheworld!

  • Bernard Favre Watch Winders

       Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Inquire about Watch Winders!

    There were an exorbitant amount of innovative watches and other industry specific finds at the Baselworld show in Switzerland this year. According to "The Watch Guy", Bill O'Brien, Bernard Favre's watch winders were among those incredible finds at Basel. The mesmerizing double-axis Planet watch winders keep automatic watches wound at the optimal level, and they are equally as entrancing to watch in action.

    There are nine different program options which ensures optimal winding setting for any watch. Because of the options, watches can not be overwound unlike many watch winders on the market. The quiet, highly efficient motor can run for three months on a single charge. A simple USB cable charges the winder, and can be left permanently connected. Each watch winder comes equipped with an elegant glass dome that protects the watch from dust, and adds to the mystery of the kinetic magic within.

    The favorite winder by Bernard Favre is by far the winder with spent bullets decorating the base. The Planet Double-Axis Black has also been very popular among our clientele. Below are some of the watch winders available at Moyer Fine Jewelers, an authorized dealer of Bernard Favre.

    Watch Winders Available

    Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Silver Watch Winders

     Silver, $1550

    Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Gold Watch Winders

    Gold, $1980

    Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Black Watch Winders

    Black, $1390

    Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Silver with Green Leather Base Watch WindersSilver with Green Leather Base,$1650

    Bernard Favre Brand V


  • Up to $2000 OFF Your Engagement Ring!

    Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Schedule an Appointment!

    Are you ready to pop the question or ready for him to propose? Thinking about upgrading your diamond ring, or changing the look of your engagement ring setting? NOW is the time to purchase at Moyer Fine Jewelers. Through the end of August, receive up to $2000* off when you purchase an engagement ring or wedding bands!

    About the Promotion

    When you spend more, you save more throughout the month of August! Below are the incredible price breaks we're offering on any bridal purchase:

    $500 OFF a $3,000 purchase or more...

    $1,000 OFF a $5,000 purchase or more...

    $1,500 OFF a $7,500 purchase or more...

    $2,000 OFF a $10,000 purchase or more...


    $5,000 OFF a purchase of $25,000 or more!

    The promotion includes all of the categories below.

    Engagement Ring Setting and Diamond

    You want the perfect designer ring complete with a large diamond and intricate details. He wants to find her that perfect ring, but is focused on saving money. Now you won't be forced to choose between the perfect designer engagement ring or saving money. This incredible promotion allows you to do both! If you find an engagement ring mounting for $2500 and a diamond for $6000, you'll only be paying $7000 instead of $8500!

    Engagement Settings

    Looking for a new engagement setting, but not a new center diamond? There are many reasons to want a setting update. Many times we speak with women who are ready for a new style of wedding set. Sometimes, due to wear and tear of an existing setting, we suggest getting a new engagement ring setting rather than repairing the existing one. This month, regardless of the reason for changing your setting, you can apply this deal to your purchase as long as the setting you select is over $3000.

    Complete Engagement Rings

    Any of the engagement rings in what is known as our "complete" case will also be included in this deal. "Complete" simply means our bridal expert has already selected and set a live diamond into one of our settings, and it's ready to be purchased right out of the case. This case is home to fabulous pieces ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars, and a broad spectrum of options in various diamond shapes, sizes, metal colors and styles.

    Wedding Bands

    In the market for wedding bands? Let us help you save money when you purchase during the month of August! As long as the purchase is over $3000, you will save $500! Go for the diamond eternity band and a long-lasting gold or platinum band for him. Add the extra wedding band to your wedding band stack!


    For any questions about this blog or to schedule an appointment, contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.


    *Loose diamonds (purchased alone) are not applicable to this promotion, and must be combined with a setting to be eligible. Certain exclusions apply based on contractual agreements. Not valid in combination with any other discount, offer or promotion. Only valid through August 31, 2018.

  • Annual 50% Off Jewelry and Watch Sale at Moyer Fine Jewelers!

    Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Schedule an Appointment for the 50% Off Sale!

    If you're looking for a gift or treating yourself to a new piece of jewelry or a fine watch, NOW is the perfect time to buy at Moyer Fine Jewelers. Every year during this sale, our current merchandise is marked down up to 50% off to make room for our new, fall fashions. This is the ideal time to find a brand new piece of jewelry at an incredible price. We also have preowned items that will be marked down as well!

    50% Off Sale | Thursday, July 19th- Saturday, July 21st

    The sale will begin at 10am on Thursday, July 19th, and will conclude on Saturday, July 21st. There will be HUNDREDS of pieces of fashion jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, and watches that will be marked up to 50% off for three days only! This sale represents the best values we will offer for the rest of 2018, so NOW is the perfect time to buy.

    To schedule an appointment for the sale and receive an extra $100 OFF your sale purchase, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.

    For questions about this blog, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003.

  • Auction & 50% Off Sale Preview

    Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to RSVP for the Auction!

    This year's annual summer sale will be BETTER THAN EVER as we're kicking off the festivities with an Auction! This event will represent the best values of the sale with reserves lower than 50% off the retail prices for 50 items! Those that attend this event will be the first clients to shop the 50% off sale.

    The First Annual 50% Off Auction  | Wednesday, July 18th (Preview at 5pm, Auction at 7pm)

    Join us on Wednesday, July 18th for a night of incredible deals on beautiful jewelry! The preview will begin at 5pm. At that time, attendees will be given access to browse the 50 items that will be auctioned off. Among the 50 pieces of jewelry are fashion jewelry, anniversary bands, and watches. The auction will begin promptly at 7pm, so clients are encouraged to arrive before that time to check in and receive their bidding paddle.

    An important thing to remember if you're interested in a piece and item doesn't sell, it will most likely have a HIGHER price during the sale than it did at the auction. Therefore, this is the best time to buy!

    Auction attendees will be the first to browse and shop the 50% off sale as well so that means more selection and perhaps bigger discounts to those that arrive early!

    For a preview of the auction items, please click here to view the catalog! Below are a few of the items that will be in the auction...

    Marco Bicego 18K Jaipur Link Necklace Marco Bicego 18K Jaipur Link Necklace

    Preowned 18KY Marco Bicego 34" Jaipur Necklace, Original Retail: $5,300, Starting Bid: $2,500


    18KY Diamond Fashion Ring by Doves, Original Retail: $2,995, Starting Bid: $1,400


    Simon G 18KW Lacy Filigree Diamond Fashion Ring, Original Retail: $1,995, Starting Bid: $900

    To RSVP and receive an extra $100 OFF your sale purchase (not applicable on auction purchases), please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.


  • Engagement Ring Blowout Sale!

    Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Schedule an Engagement Ring Appointment!

    If you have been waiting for the perfect time to "pop the question", it's NOW! We are excited to announce our incredible Engagement Ring Blowout Sale where all settings will be up to 50% off throughout the month of July! We are making it so you don't have to choose between a gorgeous designer setting or a great price- now you can have both!

    All of our settings are still among the industry's most popular styles, but we want to make room for new bridal inventory!  All of our engagement ring settings in our bridal department will be discounted for this special event from 20%-50% off*! We even have a few diamonds that will be marked down for this event. Take a look at some of our BEST values in engagement ring settings below...

    Engagement Rings on Sale

    14KW 0.30ct Round Brilliant Diamond Center with Diamond Halo Engraved Setting, 393530

    Was: $3500, NOW: $1750

    14KW 0.48ctw Diamond Pave Split Shank Semi Mounting, 363883

    Was: $1850, NOW: $925

    18K Two Tone 1.06ctw Diamond Alternating Bezel Set Edge Engagement Ring, 363868

    Was: $4950, NOW: $2,475

    18K White and Rose Gold 0.38ct Diamond, 0.07ct Pink Diamond Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring, 363898

    Was: $2995, NOW: $1497.50

    18KW 0.52ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Channel Set Semi Mounting, 363576

    Was: $2810, NOW: $1405

    18KW 0.62ctw Diamond Cathedral Semi Mounting, 363163

    Was: $5390, NOW: $2695

    14KR 0.32ct Diamond Halo Semi Mounting, 363954

    Was: $1295, NOW: $853.12

    14KW 0.51ctw Diamond Teardrop Milgrain Band, 363876

    Was: $1995, NOW: $997.50

    18KW 0.60ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Three Stone Engagement Setting, 363704

    Was: $4695, NOW: $2347.50

    18KW 1.30ctw Round Brilliant Cut Halo and Baguette Setting, 363861

    Was: $7670, NOW: $3835

    18KW 1.09ctw Round Brilliant Cut Halo and Pear Shape Side Stone Semi Mounting, 362921

    Was: $6160, NOW: $3080

    18KW 1.25ctw Diamond Channel Cathedral Semi Mounting, 363364

    Was: $8010, NOW: $4005

    14KW 0.38ctw Diamond Split Shank Round Halo Semi Mounting, 363917

    Was: $2575, NOW: $1287.50

    14KW 0.45ctw Round Prong Set Semi Mounting, 363596

    Was: $1950, NOW: $975

    14KW 0.79ctw Diamond Round Brilliant Center with Cushion Halo Semi Mounting, 363533

    Was: $4675, NOW: $2337.50

    14KW 0.83ctw Diamond Pave Semi Mounting, 363869

    Was: $2750, NOW: $1375


    For questions about this blog or to inquire about any of the engagement rings shown above, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.

    1*50% Off Sale only includes the engagement ring setting, not the center diamond. Sale is valid on in-stock merchandise only. Not valid in combination with any other coupon, discount or offer. Only valid through July 31.

  • Top 5 Popular Engagement Ring Settings

    Call +1 (317) 844-9003 to Schedule an Engagement Ring Appointment!

    In a perfect world, engagement ring shopping should be a fun, exciting experience. However, with all of the endless ring options, discovering the perfect ring can sometimes become overwhelming. In the spirit of wedding season, we've come up with a list of the most popular engagement ring setting styles. Now through the end of July, you can find all of these setting styles up to 50% off at our engagement ring blowout sale! 

    Solitaire Engagement Ring 

    A solitaire setting has been known for its simplicity but we believe that it is anything but plain. When choosing a solitaire setting the center stone options are infinite. Although we typically see our customers purchasing round brilliant diamonds for the center stone, there are many other shapes that are also popular including princess, emerald, pear, oval, and marquise cuts. The diamond in this setting is quite literally the center of attention and requires a high quality cut and color to really stand out.

    Round Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Moyer Collection Round Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Pear Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Moyer Collection Pear Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Halo Engagement Ring

    The halo engagement ring setting is a classic (try 1920’s kind of vintage). But it’s getting it’s second wind and we don’t see it going anywhere soon. Halo settings are a fantastic option for bridal clients because not only can you place virtually any kind of diamond cut in it, but you have the opportunity to enhance the appearance of that diamond by enclosing it with a set of diamonds. For a little extra shine, you can always double-up with the halo too.

    Round Brilliant Diamond with Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

    Round Brilliant Diamond with Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

    Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    Michael M Round Brilliant Double Halo Engagement Ring

    Michael M Round Brilliant Double Halo Engagement Ring


    Three Stone Engagement Ring

    Love diamonds in general? We do too and think they look incredible in groups of threes. A three stone ring is a beautiful and sentimental way to represent your lifelong commitment to your partner as they are known to represent yesterday, today and tomorrow. Currently, the most common version of the three stone ring is to have one large center stone and two diamonds close in size to the center diamond on either side of it. Make it even more unique by replacing the two diamonds on the side with colored gemstones.

    Gabriel & Co. Round Brilliant Three Stone Engagement Ring

    Tacori Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring



    Pave Engagement Ring

    Really want to “Wow!” her? You can’t go wrong with a lustrous pave setting. A pave setting consists of a bunch of small diamonds clustered together around the centerstone and down the band of the ring. She’ll be sparkling with every turn.

    Moyer Collection Round Brilliant Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

    Moyer Collection Round Brilliant Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

    Moyer Collection Oval Shape Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

    Moyer Collection Oval Shape Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

    Rose Gold Engagement Ring

    The warmth and romance of a rose gold engagement ring setting will absolutely light up her world. One of our favorite things about a rose gold setting is that you’re not limited to a diamond center. Ever thought about making a morganite the center of attention on your engagement ring? Whether your girl loves fashion, gemstones, timeless trends or all of the above a rose gold setting will look stunning on her left hand.

    Tacori Rose Gold Royal T Halo Engagement Ring

    Tacori 18K Rose Gold Royal T Straight Engagement Ring


    We hope this post gives you some ideas of what kind of settings will suit the lady in your life’s style. For an experience in bridal shopping unlike any other, be sure to schedule an appointment and visit us to start exploring engagement ring options.

    For questions about this blog or to schedule an appointment, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.


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