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Free Form Engagement Rings in Carmel, Indiana

For many women, the romantic in us has been imagining our wedding gown and crafting the perfect engagement ring since we were children. Maybe we were basing it off of the classic solitaire our mother wears, or maybe it was inspired by the yellow gold vintage band our grandmother has kept away.

While those are delightful choices, it’s possible that now, as an adult, you desire a more contemporary feel, something that speaks to the adventurer in you. Introducing free-form rings, a unique subset of engagement bands that borrow from the traditional while also defying it.

Characterized by the twists and curves in its band, we at Moyer carry a lovely selection of these extraordinary rings, starting with the more muted to the bold statement pieces. With designers like Gabriel & Co. and Tacori, the craftsmanship and creativity behind these pieces are superb.

From renowned New York-based designer Gabriel & Co. comes this one of a kind 14k White Gold Round Free Form Engagement Ring. Three diamond studded shanks interlock and frame the stunning pronged center stone. While many free form rings feature a trio of shanks with the middle one holding up the center stone, this band defies the norm that’s defined by two parallel shanks with only the center breaking uniformity.

Instead, all three shanks unexpectedly make their way around the center stone in their own path, interlocking in different points. Despite the asymmetry, the final look of the band is one of extreme elegance, with the appearance of multiple rings worn as one, or like that of a ring jacket adding ornamentation.

Now a favorite amongst celebrities like Katie Holmes and Ellen Pompeo, Tacori Engagement Rings started off with humble beginnings as a family fleeing communist Romania for California. Since then, the Tacorian family has bred multiple generations of top-notch jewelers with cutting edge collections. This Platinum Classic Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring is one such example of the splendor in every Tacori design, featuring two ribbons that criss cross and form a delicate almond on either side of the center stone.

In between the platinum ribbons are a glimmering cluster of diamonds that provide the illusion and glamour of a three-stone ring. Despite the added ornamentation that the free form style provides, it also puts the focus on the center as the shanks curve around the center stone in the shape of an eye, with the diamond acting as the shining pupil. In addition, this free form ring contains their famous 1998 design of the crescent silhouette shape that creates a symbolic half heart in the band.

Also from Gabriel & Co.’s Free Form collection is their bold 14k White Gold Engagement Ring entitled “Nova.” With only a glimmer of the back of this wide ring remaining full, the remaining negative space provides an airiness that only heightens the piece’s charm and grace.

As the spaced-out shanks make their way around the finger, both the top and bottom portions tightly hug the center stone as they merge into one delicate continuous loop. With the same curve happening on both sides of the center stone, the illusion is of two never-ending diamond studded ribbons holding up a dazzling center stone diamond in a near tension setting.

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