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Welcome to the best place to buy engagement rings! We believe in higher standards when it comes to our rings and diamonds. We only sell the best GIA-certified diamonds for our engagement rings. Find an exceptional experience and a jeweler for life when you shop at Moyer.


Engagement Ring Styles

Popular styles

As far as engagement ring styles, our bridal department has an extensive variety of looks from timeless classics to trendy looks from Pinterest or Instagram. From 3-stone engagement rings and solitaire engagement rings to vintage engagement rings and halo engagement rings, we like to give our brides the most comprehensive selection when it comes to choosing the perfect ring.



Solitaire engagement rings continue to be the most popular and the most timeless engagement ring style. Today’s brides are opting for a larger center diamond with a thin, plain gold mounting rather than an opulent, large engagement ring mounting. Solitaire engagement rings are the simplest style of engagement ring with the center diamond or gemstone taking center stage!



A diamond “halo” is when a row of smaller diamonds borders a larger center diamond or gemstone in an engagement ring. The halo is traditionally designed to make the center diamond appear larger and add to the overall sparkle of the ring. Halo engagement rings can have a cushion shaped halo, round shaped halo, pear shaped halo and more! All styles of halo engagement rings are available at Moyer.  



Three-stone engagement rings can be described as just that- an engagement ring with three different stones! Whether the bride wants an all diamond three-stone ring or likes to incorporate gemstones like sapphire and morganite into her ring, we have a multitude of options. Diamonds and gemstones of any size and shape can be designed into a three-stone ring- the possibilities are endless!



Deriving inspiration from past eras, vintage inspired engagement rings are still a favorite among brides. Vintage engagement ring styles often have signature details that were most popular during specific periods. Some of the most well-known vintage eras are art deco, Edwardian, Victorian, and others. Vintage engagement rings often have milgrain details and floral designs worked into the ring.

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Ready, Set, Propose!

Complete engagement rings can be described as engagement rings that have a diamond already in the center. They earn the term "complete" because they are finished and ready to be taken out of the store, ideal for a proposal that's happening that week or even that day! Most of the time, we allow our clients to select their diamond based on what color, clarity, size, etc. appeals to them, then we set that diamond into their chosen setting. Complete engagement rings take the wait time out of the production process, and sometimes can make things simpler for the groom to be! Ready, set, let Moyer help you propose!


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For 40 years, we have had the privilege of sharing in many amazing memories with our clients. Love is a huge inspiration in everything we do at Moyer Fine Jewelers. The most touching stories are always the ones that begin with people in love.


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Moyer Fine Jewelers is proud to offer one of the widest engagement ring selections in Indianapolis, Carmel and other surrounding Indiana cities. We pride ourselves on building relationships with the couples that come here to purchase their engagement rings, making sure their entire experience is exceptional.


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