Nanis Italian Jewelry


The Nanis Italian jewels collection is full of beautiful works of art inspired by Italian history and feminine designs and made with a combination of master craftsmanship and pure passion. Designer Laura Bicego, sister to fellow jewelry designer Marco Bicego, learned goldsmithing from her father. Every piece in Nanis is handcrafted with the intention of making a woman feel powerful. The combination of ancient Italian tradition and contemporary styles is what makes Nanis Italian Jewels special.

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Although they are most well-known for their signature brushed finish, every piece is also made with high quality natural stones and beautiful diamonds. There are six collections and each has a distinct story to tell. The collections have different features and distinct elements; however, the signature brushed finishing flows throughout every piece in each collection.


The Dancing in the Rain Azure collection was inspired by the blend of the sky and sea. The collection is simple and delicate, made with high quality gold, diamonds, and soft milky aquamarine to enhance the beauty of each piece. For women looking to make a subtle transition into colored gemstones, the beautiful aquamarine paired with Nanis gold is the perfect option.


Endless drops of gold and diamonds makes the Elite collection stand out. Inspired by golden beams on crystalline water, the pieces are made by playing with light and diamond detailing ending with jewelry that has extra shine and brilliance.


The Dancing in the Rain Reverse collection is luxurious and bold with pops of color with a focus on versatility. Each piece is made with precious gemstones, such as, mother of pearl, London blue topaz, and pave of blue diamonds, green sapphires, and blue topaz.


Transformista is a line full of unique and versatile designs accented with diamond pave drops. The key aspect of the Transformista line is each pieces’ ability to become another design. One of our favorite pieces from the collection can be manipulated and twisted into a bracelet or unwoven to become a link necklace! This designer Italian jewelry collection has a vintage touch that draws the attention of women with a classy style but a desire to explore different design possibilities.


Ipanema focuses on the jewels influenced by the sky and the sea, similar to Azure but with a rainbow of colored gemstones. Each piece in the Ipanema collection features clusters of beautiful colored gemstones that look almost mosaic in nature.


Nanis Jewelry is a very distinct brand full of elegant styles and pieces that tell a story, which makes it even more special to wear. The hand carved gold pieces are true works of art and many of our customers value the passion behind each piece. We offer an array of gorgeous necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings from Nanis Italian Jewelry in-store and online at Moyer!


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