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Bridal Guide

bridal guide

One ring. One promise. One lifetime.

You've found the woman of your dreams

The one with whom you want to share the rest of your life.

There's not a doubt in your mind; you're ready to propose. But first, you need a ring.

At Moyer Fine Jewelers, we know how exciting, yet daunting, choosing an engagement ring can be. After all, it's a tremendous investment, both emotionally and financially.

Whether you're shopping with your partner or you want to surprise her by popping the question, Moyer will help you find an engagement ring that she will truly adore, both now and for many years to come.


A ring that reflects the woman who will wear it.

There is much to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring. But perhaps the most important is the woman who will be wearing it. Use her tastes, interests, and style as your guide. For instance:

What color jewelry does she tend to wear most often?
Does she dress boldly or conservatively?
Does she prefer the simple or ornate?
Is she drawn to the classics, or does she have her own unique style?

Finally, pay attention when she looks at her friends' rings. Her comments could provide useful insight.

Decision #1: What diamond shape would suit her best?

It's easy to confuse cut with shape, but they are different. A diamond's shape refers to the general outward appearance of a diamond, while the cut refers to its beauty and brilliance.

Beautiful diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing one is definitely a matter of personal taste, but here are a few considerations:

How will the shape suit her hand? What is her personality? Is she traditional or more contemporary? Is she fashion-forward or a timeless classic? These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself when considering a diamond shape.


Decision 2: Choosing a diamond that will take her breath away.

Cut. Cut is all about the sparkle. A well-cut diamond lets light enter and sends it shimmering back to the viewer's eye. As illustrated in the chart below, a properly cut diamond with accurate proportions results in properly reflected light. When it comes to cut, bigger isn't necessarily better. It's the precision of the cut more than any other variable that yields true brilliance in a diamond. Up to 50% of the value of the diamond is determined by cut. This is the most important of the four Cs.


Clarity. A diamond's clarity refers to how clear, or "clean" the diamond is. Most diamonds have natural characteristics of some sort. The fewer irregularities a diamond has, the more rare and valuable it is. The clarity scale measures these imperfections, or "inclusions" as they are called.


Carat. As with all precious gems, the weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. Carat is a physical weight of measure. The word "carat" originated in a natural unit of weight, the seeds of a carob tree. Some people look for carat above all, while others prefer a small diamond that ranks higher on the other scales.


Color. Although the majority of gem diamonds appear to be colorless to the untrained eye, there are subtle differences. Color in a diamond results from traces of other elements that mixed with pure carbon millions of years ago during the diamonds formation. The most common element mixed with a diamond is nitrogen, which gives a hint of yellow. With the exception of fancy colored diamonds, the less color a diamond has the rarer and more valuable it becomes.


Decision 3: Choosing the perfect setting.

There are hundreds of setting styles available. While some settings may be more appropriate than others for specific diamond shapes, ultimately, the choice of setting comes down to personal taste.

The Classic Solitaire in four and six prong styles is a timeless classic. The Prong Engagement Ring Setting holds the diamond securely in place while raising it up on display. Other styles include channel-setting and pave-setting. Bezel-setting is surrounding the center diamond with a thin strip of metal and attaching it to the base of the band.

Decision 4: Platinum or Gold.

Usually, there are four main choices when it comes to wedding bands: Platinum, white gold, yellow gold and palladium. There are many benefits to each type of metal.


It is among the purest and most valuable of the precious metals. - It is more rare than gold, and more than 60% heavier than 14k gold.

  • In its purest form, it is one of the only naturally occurring white precious metals that will not tarnish.
  • It will always remain white with no additives or rhodium plating
  • The purity of platinum makes it the perfect choice for those with allergies.


  • Palladium is a member of the Platinum Metals Group. This is often referred to as the "Noble Metals" group because of their superior ability to withstand corrosion and oxidation.
  • It is one of the most rare and scarce metals in the world.
  • Palladium rings are 95% pure.


  • 24k is the purest form of gold
  • 18k and 14k are recommended for rings, with increased durability
  • Alloys or base metals are added to the gold to increase the hardness
  • Beautiful yellow color that will not tarnish, rust or corrode


Similar properties to yellow gold

Palladium or nickel are added as alloys to make the gold white

White gold is finished with a layer of rhodium to make the gold bright white and shiny

With this ring, I thee wed...


Now that you have the engagement ring, you will need a wedding band to complete the set. Moyer offers a wide variety of options to complement your engagement ring and a number of stunning choices to suit the husband-to-be.

Your wedding band gives you yet another chance to make a statement about your love and individuality. At Moyer Fine Jewelers, you have the option of choosing a plain band, an engraved band, or one that's set with diamonds.

In addition to gold, platinum and palladium, there are a few new choices in wedding band metals.


  • Very strong
  • 99% pure
  • Hypoallergenic

Tungsten Carbide

  • Tungsten is ten times harder tha 18k gold
  • Tough and rugged, perfect for a man's active lifestyle
  • scratch and tarnish resistant


With this ring, I thee wed...

A wedding is a joyous celebration of love, friendship, and commitment. Who better to share in this time than friends and family? To thank these special people for being part of your ceremony - and life -Moyer has a host of memorable keepsakes.

Bridesmaid gifts include pearl pendants and earrings, personalized sterling silver gifts, jewelry boxes and more.

Crystal Stemware Popular groomsmen gifts include cuff links, watches, customized flasks and more.


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