Trade in your Watch

Trade in your watch

We Buy & Sell Pre-Owned and Antique Timepieces

Regardless if you're selling your first fine timepiece or you're a seasoned watch connoisseur, you have found the best company to maximize value when selling your watch. Watch values vary by brand and model, therefore we do not buy every brand out on the fine watch market. Currently, there are well over 50 brands and hundreds of models of fine watches that we will purchase such as Breitling, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Bell and Ross, Baume and Mercier, Hublot and many more. We are experienced and reputable watch buyers and you will benefit from our experience as well as our personal, friendly service. Our goal is to appraise and buy your watch for the highest possible current market value that is safe, secure and confidential.

Questions to Ask Your Watch Buyer

Timepieces are often more valuable than one would expect, even if they are decades old or in need of repair. The detailed movements, quality of the materials, and the designer name all inform an appraiser of its resale value. So whether you are a collector who is selling watches you no longer wear, an estate seller managing an estate, or someone liquidating some assets for an unexpected life event, selling your unused watches is a quick and lucrative way to find some cash.


When you take your estate watch or a timepiece you no longer wear to a watch buyer, consider asking these questions:

What is the Value of the Watch I Want to Sell?

Watches can hold a higher value than you expect. You never know what treasures you might hold when you assess a gold or silver watch from an estate or from a different era.

Only a qualified watch buyer can determine the value of a designer or gold watch. At Moyer Fine Jewelers, we qualify how we determined the offered purchase price by explaining the brand, the age, any defects or repairs needed, and the expected resale ability.

Does the Name or Age of the Watch Effect the Price?

Designer and coveted watch brands certainly retain their value. Brands such as Breitling, Omega, Panerai Rolex, and Tag Heuer will sell for top dollar for years after they're released. And because of their exacting standards and the quality of their craftsmanship, these designer watches will run flawlessly for decades.

Older watches sometimes have unique parts or materials, which watch collectors and aficionados need or desire. An estate watch should always be assessed by a watch expert who has experience with estate timepieces.

Can the Watch be Refurbished or Repaired?

Older watches often need a bit of tender loving care. Movements can be removed, repaired, and refurbished. Metals can be buffed, removing scratches and wear. Watch crystals can be replaced.

The watch and estate experts at Moyer Fine Jewelers have a wonderful and long-standing relationship with many Indiana watch makers and buyers. We can determine what will make the watch resellable and therefore, worth more money to you.

When it comes time to sell any watches you have on hand, think no further than Moyer Fine Jewelers.

We are Your Trusted Advisor

In our 35 years of business, we have always prided ourselves on being discreet and fair when purchasing or selling fine jewelry or timepieces. We will explain how we determined the resale value and the fair offering price. Whether you are in need of cash or just clearing out space, consider Moyer Fine Jewelers for your jewelry and timepiece sales.


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