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Bell & Ross



BELL & ROSS WATCHES CRAFTSMANSHIP Founded in 1992, the luxurious Bell and Ross Watches continue to be crafted with the upmost precision, giving each Bell and Ross watch a unique and classy sophistication. The aesthetic appeal of Bell and Ross Watches is modeled after the mechanics on a cockpit instrument in an aircraft. Just like the aircraft instrument panels, Bell and Ross Watches are designed with very clear visual indicators and extremely precise mechanical movements. The distinct signature characteristics of Bell and Ross Watches mesmerize consumers; these unique watches appease the eclectic tastes of customers and collectors. The attention to detail that the craftsmen use in the construction of a Bell and Ross watch is absolutely impeccable. Each Bell and Ross watch is revolutionary in its unique design and pushes the limits of mechanics. The designers of Bell and Ross Watches continue to challenge themselves to conjure up the most exquisite timepieces on the market..... READ MORE

ABOUT THE BELL & ROSS COLLECTION The diverse styles of the Bell and Ross Watch Collection allows consumers to choose from a wide variety timepieces. As an authorized dealer, Moyer Fine Jewelers offers two immaculate Bell and Ross watch collections: Vintage and Aviation. Each of these collections are exclusive and unique, while still not straying from the signature features of a Bell and Ross watch. The Vintage Bell and Ross Collection represents striking simplicity and sophistication. The minimalistic approach in this Bell and Ross Collection design creates a pleasant feeling of timelessness. This Bell and Ross Collection will forever be considered a classic and brilliant. The Bell and Ross Aviation Collection plays and experiments with an entirely new concept of shape and dimension. The multifaceted elements that create this collection remain completely synchronized, creating the illusion of continuity that you cannot look past. This Bell and Ross Watch Collection radiates creativity and self-expression. Make a watch from this collection the main attraction at any event and location you attend.



YOUR BELL & ROSS AUTHORIZED DEALER IN INDIANA These watches are the backbone of TAG Heuer and pioneers in accessible luxury. The Calibre 1887 broke the mold as TAG Heuer's first in-house movement and it's the most reliable calibre on the market today as we continue to push limits and make improvements on this fine mechanics. The Heuer 01 is the most advanced design of this now classic caliber and Heuer 02T models are the ultimate avant-garde Swiss-made chronograph Heuer watches.

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