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Dior Watches

Dior Watches
From its inception, Dior has set a standard for ingenuity, elegance, and prestige that transforms the functionality of a watch into art. Dior Watches are crafted diligently, with the precision to create timepieces that are truly timeless. Emulating sophistication, Dior Watches have become a symbol of status and refined taste. With an array of choices, you can choose the Dior Watch that best expresses your individuality or even the one that best compliments your outfit. Dior VIII, named as a tribute to Christian Dior's lucky number eight, is designed with the principles of architecture and the elegance of women's attire. Another line of Dior Watches that artfully displays colors is Dior Christal. Showcasing the many colors favored by Christian Dior, Dior Christal utilizes sapphire crystals in a novel way by accenting the timepieces in colors of Dior's emblem. La D De Dior renovates the 70's into today's world and personifies Dior's Fine Jewelry by employing gold, ornamental stones, and diamonds. It is the unique union of femininity and masculinity, a testament to the idea that sparked La D De Dior. Chiffre Rouge captures the masculine art of Dior Watches, with black and red tints that emphasize particular elements. Each timepiece is 100% automatic in the Chiffre Rouge collection. Regardless of which collection you choose from, you can expect your Dior Watch to honor its namesake and become a treasured possession that suits your unique individuality.

Dior was founded in 1947 by a visionary man, Christian Dior, who believed deeply in destiny and the forces that leads us to follow our true path. Hence, Dior has become a world renowned brand that is synonymous with luxury, prestige, and a timeless elegance. Through the many products produced by Dior, all honor the dedication to quality and detail expected of such an illustrious brand.

Moyer Fine Jewelers, located in Carmel, IL, is proud to be an authorized retailer of Dior, carrying a wide variety of Dior Watches to ensure you will find precisely what you are looking for. We are obliged to answer any questions that you may have and assist you in finding the Dior Watch that suits you to perfection.

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