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LONGINES WATCHES Longines Watches Craftsmanship The Longines Watch establishment was founded in 1832, with headquarters located in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Craftsmen of Longines Watches along with all the people involved with the Longines brand focus on three main principles that have been valued for decades: tradition, elegance, and performance. These three standards continue to name the Longines Watches as a force to be reckoned with in the timepiece industry. Along with their values, the technological research that is put into every Longines Watch has also earned the Longines brand a spot as one of the top competitors in the timepiece business today. Starting in as early as the 1860's, each astonishing Longines Watch is stamped with the signature winged hourglass symbol to guarantee quality and prove authenticity. This glorious symbol, representing the history of Longines Watches, is the oldest trademark today that is still in use. .... READ MORE

About the Longines Watches Collection The Longines Watch Collection encompasses a variety of different timepieces that attract buyers from all over the world. With their long and prosperous history, the fabulous Longines Watch Collection continues to grow, initiating new designs that live up to the modern standards of the timepiece industry. Each Longines Watch Collection is imagined and then created using inspiration from tradition and the core missions and values the brand holds. Moyer Fine Jewelers offers five wonderful Longines Watch Collections, each exemplifying the pioneering and groundbreaking mechanics and design. For divine elegance and contemporary design, the Longines Elegance Watch Collection has it all. The Heritage Longines Collection focuses on the long-lasting legacy of Longines timepieces. Using inspiration from the decor of earlier collections, the Heritage Longines Watch collection puts emphases the expertise of the craftsmen to create exceptional timepieces for any occasion. For a classic and timeless watch, the Watch Making Tradition Longines Collection will have the perfect timepiece for you. This collection holds top-notch high quality watches personifying sophistication at its best. The Sport Longines Watch Collection carries remarkable high performance timepieces for men and women, intertwining ingenuity and technique throughout the entire timepiece. Lastly is the Agassiz Longines Watch Collection; striking luxurious timepieces that are sure to catch the attention of anyone in its presence. The beauty and performance standard of any timepiece in the Longines Watch Collection is sure to satisfy all the qualities you are looking for in a watch.



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Your Longines Watches Authorized Retailer in Indiana Moyer Fine Jewelers has the pleasure of offering their clientele with the extraordinary Longines Watches. Customers can rely on Moyer Fine Jewelers to always have a wonderful selection of Longines Watches in store. By linking design and technique, used since the Longines brand began, with new technological advances and modern art, Longines Watches are anticipated by many. Moyer Fine Jewelers is proud to be an authorized retailer for Longines Watches. They are assured that each product is entirely authentic, offering a wonderful lifetime guarantee, repairing any defects at no cost to their loyal customers. Moyer Fine Jewelers will never leave you with unanswered questions, as they will always be by your side, servicing your Longines Watch for its entire lifespan. With excellent and abundant reviews on rating websites like Yelp and Google Review, Moyer Fine Jewelers unremittingly proves that they are the retailer to go to for all consumer needs. The Moyer Fine Jewelers family is waiting for you!





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