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Christopher Designs

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Christopher Designs Wedding Bands in Carmel, Indiana

The story of Christopher Designs is a story of its founder and designer, Christopher Slowinski. A native of Poland, he naturally had a passion and talent for art, but decided to follow through with a degree in Engineering.

Upon moving to New York, he met his wife Ewa and used those two very different skills to pursue a career in diamonds. That is what defines the diamonds by Christopher Designs, the intersection where art and innovative engineering meet. And Moyer Fine Jewelers is humbled to carry a collection of women's designer rings with such ingenuity.

What Christopher Designs wedding bands are most known for, perhaps, is their revolutionary Crisscut diamond design. Patented in 1998, this unique engineering creates a diamond with a larger appearance and maximum brilliance at only a fraction of the cost. The discovery occurred when a triangular facet was accidentally cut into one of the pavilion facets in a baguette diamond.

Instead of claiming defeat, Christopher’s artistic eye saw opportunity and promise, and he took a chance to cut the same into the remainder of the crown and pavilion facets.

The result was a radiating 77 facets whose crisscrossed designed and brilliant craftsmanship made a cut with optimal reflection and scintillation. In 2014, further progression was made again when Slowinski’s passion and curiosity created L’Amour Crisscut. By allowing for larger facets at the pavilion, the light was reflected even further to highlight the more complex facets of the crown, and thus more brilliance.

Unlike other diamond cuts where the pavilion facet of the diamond is mostly hidden under the setting of the ring to fulfill its job of helping light bounce back up to the viewer, Crisscut diamonds continue to do so while having all of the diamond in view. If one were to hold a generic ring of similar cut and size against either of these two, the difference, like the radiance of the ring, is highly visible. Christopher Designs also produces a lovely line of Fashion Rings, of which Moyer Fine Jewelers carries.

At Moyer, we’ve carefully curated several Crisscut and L’Amour Crisscut women's designer rings and bands that showcase the exceptional quality that we follow and that Christopher Designs wedding bands are known for.

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