2020 Engagement Ring Trends

In the last five years, the engagement ring trends have undergone a complete transformation from wide, diamond clad mountings to whisper thin solitaire mountings. Here’s a look at some of 2020’s most popular trends among brides-to-be. For Moyer, we're definitely seeing brides shifting toward the solitaire, thin mounting trends and the yellow gold trends.

Emerald Cuts and Radiant Cuts

Perhaps the biggest trend taking hold on Pinterest and Instagram is the come-back of Emerald cut diamonds and Radiant cut diamonds. Brides are opting for these fancy shapes at an increasing rate. We’re noticing a lot of more elongated radiant cuts in particular. Elongated specialty cuts like Christopher Designs' patented L'Amour Crisscut are also a popular choice. The L'Amour cut has been achieved by a cutting technique that makes these diamonds look up to 50% larger than a traditional emerald cut diamond. This is great for the bride who wants a bigger diamond look for less! You can see the comparison below of a 1.00ct emerald cut versus a 1.00ct L'Amour cut diamond. Tacori does beautiful designs utilizing emerald cut center stones such as the Dantela style below with their infamous bloom halo. Rahaminov Designs specializes in larger, exceptional quality diamonds like this three stone emerald cut engagement ring shown below.

Tacori Dantela Emerald Cut Engagement Ring- Style 2620EC

Rahaminov Diamonds Three-Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

L'Amour Crisscut Diamond vs. Emerald Cut Diamond

Solitaire Engagement Rings

As mentioned above, the jewelry industry has responded to a drastic shift in demand of thin, delicate solitaire mountings instead of the wider diamond mountings. With this trend, couples are putting the majority of their budget into the center diamond instead of the mounting. This means they have more dollars to devote to getting a larger carat weight, better quality diamond, and letting the diamond take center stage over the mounting. Although, as said before, we’re seeing a rise in emerald cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds, round brilliant diamonds are still the most popular diamond for engagement rings. Solitaires can, however, be made to fit any diamond shape or size. They can also be just strictly metal in white, yellow or rose gold or they can have diamonds down the shank to be classified as a solitaire. It’s worth also mentioning that the super thin engagement ring trend pairs perfectly with stackable wedding bands (perhaps the BIGGEST overall jewelry trend right now). Brides are able to stack straight diamond bands, geometric bands, gemstone bands or eternity bands that fit flush with their engagement ring. These bands can be mixed and matched to give the bride her own unique look.


Moyer Collection Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring with Stackable Bands

Tacori Emerald Cut Engagement Ring with Stackable Bands

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is definitely coming back in both jewelry and engagement rings. Among the chic-est brides are opting for this bold gold trend as opposed to the traditional white gold or platinum metals.

Tacori Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Moyer Collection Yellow Gold Solitaire with Stackable Bands

Multiple Stones

Three stone rings can come in a variety of designs. Among the most popular are designs featuring three round brilliant diamonds, three emerald cut diamonds or a round brilliant flanked by two baguette shaped diamonds or trapezoids.

Rahaminov Diamonds Three-Stone Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Rahaminov Diamonds Three-Stone Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

Tacori Royal-T Three-Stone Oval with Pear Shape Side Stones Engagement Ring

Colored Gemstones

The colored gemstones trend can be incorporated in multiple ways. They can be utilized as the center stone or as side stones of a three stone engagement ring. 2020 seems to be the year for colored gemstones of all vibrant shades.

Tacori Three-Stone Engagement Ring with Sapphires

Gabriel & Co. Sapphire Double-Halo Engagement Ring