We Buy Jewelry

Is there jewelry in your jewelry box that you no longer wear? It might be outdated or your style preferences have changed over the years. Whatever the reason may be, you may be looking for a trusted store that buys jewelry. Bring your unwanted jewelry to our professionals at Moyer for a free evaluation. We will make an offer and give you cash for your jewelry while you wait.


When we buy jewelry, we take into consideration one major variable: Can the piece be sold in our case in its current state? If the answer is yes, we can (in most situations) offer you more for the piece. This is often the case for designer jewelry or pieces of jewelry originally purchased from our store. Designer brands such as David Yurman, Marco Bicego, Charles Krypell and others are some examples of branded jewelry we can resell, giving you a larger return.


It’s important when you are looking to sell your fine jewelry or estate jewelry that you go to a reputable jewelry store like Moyer; we pride ourselves on being a fair, trustworthy source for our clients.


Below is a summary of how our jewelry buying process works:

Our Process

Clean & Assess

We will most likely ask you if we can clean your piece(s). This allows us to better evaluate the overall quality of the piece, the gemstones, the diamonds, etc. After cleaning, we determine if the piece can be sold in our “estate” or pre-owned jewelry case or if it needs to be purchased for its materials (or “scrap value”). If we can resell the piece in our case, your chance for getting a larger return increases.


Check for Designer Hallmarks

Because of our expertise in buying jewelry, we are able to find designer hallmarks on your jewelry from notable fashion houses such as Van Cleef and Arpels, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co., Cartier and more. If your jewelry has a hallmark from one of these brands, it could be worth significantly more.  


Detailed Explanation of Our Evaluation

After we’ve determined our offer for your jewelry, we will present it with a detailed explanation of how we determined the value. If you are interested in selling, we simply take a copy of your Driver’s License or ID, and pay you while you wait! We are able to give you cash or a check for the items we purchase.


Why Choose Us?

  • We pay more
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Expert evaluation
  • Your needs are respected
  • Additional 20% towards a store credit or trade

What Determines Your Diamond's Worth?

  • The shape and size of your diamond
  • The color and clarity of your diamond
  • The cut of your diamond
  • The marketability and desirability of your diamond

What Makes Your Gold Valuable?

  • The karat content of your jewelry
  • The more pure, the higher the value
  • The market price (oz/gold)
  • The weight of the piece you are selling