Gemstone Bands

Gemstone wedding bands come in all shapes, colors, and carat weights although round brilliant shaped gemstones are by far the most popular. Brides are choosing gemstone bands because of the versatility and ability to customize it to your liking. You can wear a band full of diamonds and vivid emeralds or combine a variety of gemstones for a colorful look.

Diamonds are forever but combining your look with gemstones creates an eye-catching look that has a striking amount of sparkle! Colored gemstones are rapidly becoming one of the hottest trends. More brides are choosing to add a pop of color with their bands for a vibrant look. Women are also opting to add colored gemstones to their right-hand ring look.

There are many reasons a woman would add colored gemstones to her wedding set or a stacked band look. With the popularity of rainbow colors, it could simply be because she desires a full range of color in her accessory wardrobe. She could also be representing her birth month by incorporating a specific precious or semi-precious gemstone band. One of our most popular gifts for “push-presents”- or a new baby gift- is to add the child’s birthstone to the mother’s stacked band look.

Whether it is a birthstone band or your favorite colored gemstone, these unique women's bridal rings are perfect to stack. Like we said, there are no rules, so have some fun and express yourself! Whether you stack them or wear it alone, stunning gemstone band rings are the perfect way to stand out and make a fashion statement.

Gemstone bands have a price advantage. They tend to be more affordable in comparison to diamond bands. Even if you add in gemstones to your diamond band, it can still save you some money while still getting a meaningful, beautiful band.

Colored gemstone bands are predicted to only grow more in popularity. We have a wide variety of bands in different gemstones and styles. Express your personal style with a gemstone band from Moyer Fine Jewelers.