Round Brilliant Engagement Rings

Round diamond engagement rings- or round brilliant diamond as they're formally known as- are the most-popular, best-selling diamond shape in the bridal industry. Round brilliant diamonds are often chosen because of the "sparkle" they're known to radiate. Because of the large number of facets (and assuming the cut grade is very good or excellent), the round brilliant diamond is known to create maximum fire and scintillation, or "sparkle" in layperson's terms. In this engagement ring collection, all of the center diamonds are round brilliant diamonds. Considering round brilliant diamonds are the most-desired shape, all of our designers including Tacori, Michael M, Gabriel & Co. and more have a vast selection of engagement ring styles with this center stone shape.  Please note, all styles (with the exception of complete engagement rings) featured in this category are priced without the center diamond. We work with you one-on-one to find the perfect round brilliant center diamond for the mounting you select based on your color and clarity preferences.

Looking for a particular round brilliant engagement ring design that you don't see below? Reach out to one of our sales associates by calling 317.844.9003! We can also help you create the round brilliant diamond engagement ring of your dreams!