From minimalist to lavish, necklaces are the perfect accessory and can be adapted to any outfit or occasion. Necklaces can vary in styles, such as short pendants, cross necklaces, diamond necklaces, and long, layering necklaces. They also can come in different lengths and metal types. Our diverse collection of fine jewelry necklaces is full of classic necklace styles from simple single diamond necklaces and timeless precious colored gemstones to trendy, fashionable statement necklaces like diamond chokers and bold gold or silver designer pieces. Accessorize your elegant, sophisticated outfit with a classy diamond pendant or add a splash of color for an upbeat look. No matter what, a necklace is an effortless way to upgrade your outfit to another level.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and a diamond necklace is must-have because it is worn close to the wearer’s heart. Diamond necklaces are a broad category. You can add diamonds to basically any necklace style for extra sparkle and sophistication. Many of our designer brands have gorgeous diamond necklaces. Rahaminov has an enchanting array of neckwear utilizing some of the most high-quality white and fancy colored diamonds as well as fancy colored diamonds. Some of our most astounding fine jewelry necklaces from Rahaminov are Riviera necklaces or large carat-weight diamond pendant designs.

In addition to Rahaminov, we carry designers such as Phillips House, Hearts on Fire, Hulchi Belluni, and more that specialize in diamond necklaces. Phillips House makes one of our favorite diamond necklaces, the Infinity Pendant, which can be worn alone or layered with other smaller or larger infinity pendants. This style is always a best seller! A diamond necklace- regardless of style- is always a staple in any woman’s jewelry box!

In recent years, yellow gold has made a large come-back in the fashion category. Women are opting for bold gold looks in statement necklaces and simple layering necklaces. Some of our most decadent gold necklaces are made from Italian designers such as Papini.

Women love our collection of silver necklaces by world-renowned designers such as David Yurman, Lagos and John Hardy. Each of these brands has their own style within the silver category. David Yurman incorporates his signature cable design into every necklace he makes from the Chatelaine collection to the Crossover collection. Lagos’ signature design element is the caviar look. The caviar style is introduced to necklaces within the Caviar Spark collection, Caviar Lux collection and more. Silver necklaces are always one of our best gifting options- a go-to for the holiday season or special occasions.

We also have an incredible selection of precious and semi-precious gemstone necklaces. Charles Krypell and Robert Procop specialize in creating one-of-a-kind necklaces with some of the rarest gemstones and the most exceptional design in the world. For a more trendy, price point gemstone look, we guide women to our fashion bar where they can find colored gemstone necklaces and rainbow gemstone necklace designs from Eriness and Luna Skye.

Our fashion bar is full of options that are fashion-forward. Recently, one of the most significant trends has been layering. The typical go-to layered look includes two or more necklaces of different lengths with a focal point. It is also important to consider your neckline while styling your stack and deciding on your necklace lengths. Combine colored gemstones or mix and match metals for a more upbeat, unique layered look! The combination options are endless which allows you to showcase your individuality. 

Whether you’re jumping on the layered necklace trend with a fashionable gemstone necklace or shopping for a classic gold or diamond necklace, we have it all. Shop our huge selection of necklaces and pendants for men and women at Moyer Fine Jewelers.