Bell & Ross Watches


Founded in 1992, the luxurious Bell & Ross Watches continue to be crafted with the upmost precision, giving each timepiece a unique and classy sophistication. The aesthetic appeal of Bell & Ross Watches for men and women is modeled after the mechanics on a cockpit instrument in an aircraft. Just like the aircraft instrument panels, Bell & Ross Watches are designed with very clear visual indicators and extremely precise mechanical movements. The distinct signature characteristics of Bell & Ross watches mesmerize consumers; these unique watches appease the eclectic tastes of customers and collectors. One of the most easily recognizable models is the BR 01 with its sleek, unique square case—a pioneer in the world of round cases.

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Bell & Ross designs watches for professionals enduring extreme temperatures, violent accelerations and dangerous pressures. They are focused on collaborating with these astronauts, pilots, bomb disposal experts and divers to craft timepieces that are able to adapt and perform in these extremes. Bell & Ross watches are a tool to assist and a constant ally for these professionals. Each Bell & Ross watch for sale is revolutionary in its unique design and pushes the limits of mechanics. The designers of Bell & Ross Watches continue to challenge themselves to conjure up the most exquisite timepieces on the market.


The diverse styles of the Bell & Ross Watch Collection allow consumers to choose from a wide variety timepieces. As an authorized dealer, Moyer Fine Jewelers offers all three of the Bell & Ross watch collections for sale: Vintage, Instruments and Experimental. Each of these collections are exclusive and unique, while still not straying from the signature features of a Bell & Ross watch.


The Vintage Bell & Ross Collection, including the BR V1, BR V2, and BR V3, represents striking simplicity and sophistication mixed with design elements of eras past. The minimalistic approach in this Bell & Ross Collection design creates a pleasant feeling of timelessness. The Instruments models- BR 01, BR 03, BR S, BR 03-02 Diver and BR 05 are all simplified models focusing on legibility of the dial with little use of subdials. The BR 05 model was a highly anticipated release in 2019, featuring a softer square design, integrated bracelet, and an urban identity. The experimental collection focuses on more complicated tourbillon movements, unconventional materials and limited -edition offerings.


Moyer Fine Jewelers is proud to be a Bell & Ross authorized dealer in Indiana. In addition to Bell & Ross, we carry an extensive selection of Swiss timepiece brands such as Omega, Breitling, Hublot, TAG Heuer and more. We are also proud to represent some of the world’s most renowned designer jewelry and bridal brands such as Tacori, David Yurman, Temple St. Clair and more.