Anniversary Bands

Anniversary rings are often considered for an anniversary gift, hence the name, and are considered a larger, more significant wedding band. Anniversary bands differ from wedding bands in that they are usually larger- with more diamond carat weight and more metal- than traditional wedding bands. Anniversary bands are typically all diamond and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

As mentioned above, statement anniversary rings for her can feature emerald cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, round brilliant diamonds, oval shape diamonds, pear shape diamonds, and princess cut diamonds. In most of our anniversary bands, one shape is used throughout the band. These large stones, whatever shape they may be, are arranged side by side around the band. Rahaminov is one of our most popular anniversary band designers, specializing in exceptional quality diamond bands.

There are a multitude of ways to set diamonds in anniversary rings. The most popular setting style is prong set. We have an amazing selection of styles that feature diamond halos as well. 

Typically, diamonds travel halfway to ¾ way around the band allowing for a sizing bar in the back of the ring. An anniversary band can also be “eternity” meaning the design or diamonds wrap completely around the finger. Some couples use the “eternity” design to represent a love to last a lifetime. These eternity anniversary bands for sale are typically more expensive as they have more diamonds incorporated to wrap completely around the wearer’s finger.

Anniversary wedding bands can also incorporate diamond halos to give the wearer a larger diamond look. Christopher Designs uses diamond halos in many of their Crisscut L’Amour anniversary bands to accentuate the center diamonds.

Some couples wish to include gemstones in their anniversary ring. Traditionally, precious gemstones such as sapphire, emerald or ruby are among the most popular gemstones. These gemstones might have special meaning for the wearer if their anniversary falls in a particular month (i.e. September wedding with a Sapphire gemstone) or they have children born in a particular month (i.e. Child has a birthday in May so they incorporate Emeralds). 

There’s no rule when it comes to where you wear an anniversary band. Some women opt to wear it next to their engagement ring. Other women choose to wear their engagement ring and existing wedding band on their ring finger and wear the anniversary band on their fourth finger of their right hand.

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