Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Why have one diamond in your engagement ring when you can have three?! Three-stone engagement rings can have any combination of diamond shapes with either all three diamonds being the same shape or the two side stones being different shapes than the center diamond. Gemstones can also be incorporated into three stone designs! In almost all three-stone designs, the two side gemstones or diamonds are smaller than the center diamond. Please note, all styles (with the exception of complete engagement rings) featured in this category are priced without the center diamond. We work with you one-on-one to find the perfect center diamond for the mounting you select based on your color, clarity and diamond shape preferences. 

We are particularly fond of Rahaminov's classic take on a three-stone ring with a large emerald cut diamond center framed by two trapezoid side diamonds. Another timeless design is utilizing baguette diamond side stones with an oval shape, emerald cut, round brilliant or radiant cut center diamond. Recently, designers have started using pear shape diamonds as side stones with either a round brilliant diamond or oval shape diamond center stone! Looking for more sparkle? Add a halo around each individual diamond or around the three diamonds like in one of Noam Carver's signature designs. 

To explore our three-stone engagement ring designs, shop these engagement rings or visit our bridal lounge in Carmel, Indiana!