Split Shank Engagement Rings

To find the perfect split shank engagement ring, browse all of the options on this page or let one of our bridal experts meet you, learn about your personal style and help navigate you to the perfect split shank ring! 

A split shank engagement ring is a style that "splits apart" as it nears the center stone or center diamond. The amount or width that the ring splits can vary drastically with some brides preferring a small split or a large split. Some brides love this style because it represents two people coming together as one couple (from the split to coming together at the center diamond). We have a vast selection of split shank engagement rings from designers such as the Moyer Collection, Gabriel & Co. Tacori and more! Please note, all styles (with the exception of complete engagement rings) featured in this category are priced without the center diamond. We work with you one-on-one to find the perfect center diamond for the mounting you select based on your color, clarity and diamond shape preferences.