Wide Bands

Some brides refer to wide bands as anniversary bands or eternity bands as the diamonds are generally larger and travel around the entire band. Most often, wide bands are comprised of one diamond shape. We have a selection of round brilliant cut, emerald cut, oval shape, radiant cut, and princess cut wide diamond bands. Rahaminov Diamonds is one of our favorite sources for the most beautiful, exquisite wide diamond bands.

More and more brides are starting to shift toward a wide band look that makes a bold statement. With more surface area in the wide band comes the opportunity to get creative. With a wider band, you can add more diamonds or larger diamonds for extra sparkle. On the other hand, a thick band can also be simplified to a plain metal look giving off a more minimalist style and lustrous look. Some brides opt for a bolder look while others are seeking a durable, comfortable band since a wide band is known for its durability. This band has an endless amount of designs, making it an ideal option for any bride-to-be.

Wide bands can also be designed to fit a more vintage or contemporary look. Gabriel and Co. designs a variety of styles with pavé diamonds or gemstones and intricate etching. They also incorporate the mixed metal trend into several of their designs.

Wide bands are a popular anniversary gift. The larger diamonds often in a wide band signify how the couple’s relationship has grown over time. In some cases, the bride will opt to wear her wide band every day and only wear her engagement ring or wedding set for special occasions. However, wide bands are predominantly classic right-hand rings allowing the wedding set to shine and giving the wide band some spotlight. Wide bands are also ideal for brides that want something easy without having to build the stack individually to get that look.

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