Engagement Ring Upgrades

Whether you're looking to upgrade your diamond or upgrade your engagement ring for a special anniversary or just because, Moyer is just the place for you! It's no secret that usually when the initial engagement happens you're in a tremendously different financial situation as a couple than you are at your 5 year, 10 year or even 20 year anniversary milestones. With that financial situation, many women and men consider upgrading their diamond or upgrading the entire engagement ring. We're here to help!

The first thing we'll consider is the setting style. Chances are your styles have changed as much as the trends have changed over the years. We will determine if you're searching for a new style or have the goal of recreating the original style to fit a larger center diamond- either option will work!

Next, we walk you through our GIA Diamond Education, assuring that you are knowledgable when it comes to color, clarity, carat weight, measurements and diamond shapes. We tailor our one-on-one appointment based on your individual wants and needs when it comes to your engagement ring upgrade, making sure you leave Moyer with a fabulous new engagement ring and a wonderful experience.




Upgrading Your Ring FAQ

The process of upgrading your engagement ring or diamond could leave you with some questions, but we are here to help! Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about engagement ring and diamond upgrades.


I'm sentimental about my original Diamond, but want a larger ring. What should I do? 

This is one of the most common situations we see at Moyer! There are obviously sentimental, emotional feelings about the diamond from your original engagement ring. After all, you've worn it through many of your special memories! We love encouraging our couples to keep the center diamond, and let us use it to design them a diamond pendant they can wear everyday! We can even add a diamond halo around the diamond for a bigger diamond look!

We can also closely match your original center diamond to a diamond of similar color and clarity to give you a new pair of diamond stud earrings! With either option, you're able to keep and cherish your original diamond for years to come!

I love my original engagement ring setting, but want a larger diamond. What should I do?

The short answer is: It depends! The larger diamond you select will obviously have larger, different measurements than your original diamond which means we will have to replace the "head" of the engagement ring with a larger head. The head is the piece of the engagement ring with prongs that holds your center diamond. In some engagement ring settings, such as solitaires or classic diamond rings, this could be a simple switch of the head, allowing you to keep the actual ring part of your original engagement ring the same.

If your original engagement ring has a cathedral style setting, a three-stone setting or an integrated profile, etc., chances are we will have to remake the ring. Our master jewelers will work with us to assure that every detail on the new ring is the same as your original, but with the larger head to accomodate your new diamond. If you have questions about your exisiting engagement ring setting, please visit our Carmel, Indiana showroom to discuss this process with one of our bridal experts.

I don't want my original diamond or setting. What should I do?

If you don't wish to keep your original diamond or engagement ring, we would recommend trading it toward your new engagement ring! We take into consideration what we'd purchase your diamond and ring for, and give you a credit for that amount toward your new engagement ring. We always give our clients a larger amount if they decide to trade for a new piece rather than do an outright sale for cash. Trading in your original ring is definitely a way to save money when your considering an engagement ring upgrade or diamond upgrade.

I know I want to Upgrade my ring, but don't know what style I like. What should I do?

We have thousands of styles of engagement ring settings at our store! To get an idea of what style you like, simply stop by our store, and let one of our bridal experts walk you through the options! From classic, timeless solitaires to two-tone halo designs, we can help you navigate the endless varieties. If you like different aspects of a few rings or have your own vision, we can also help your design come to life with custom design! 

does getting a better quality diamond count as an upgrade?

Yes! Sometimes couples want to upgrade their diamond to achieve a better color or clarity grade. Moyer is the perfect place to come if you're looking for high-quality diamonds. Every diamond in our inventory passes through our GIA Graduate Gemologist to make sure it fits our strict criteria. When you shop at Moyer, we guarantee you're looking at the best diamond options in Indiana as far as quality is concerned.