Bangle Bracelets

Because of their oval shape, women's bangle bracelets are designed to fit better on the wrist than their round counterparts. They often have a hinge at the side or bottom of the bracelet that allows a snug, secure fit. They also make it easier for women to achieve a stacked bracelet look because of how close they fit to the wrist.

From sterling silver to 18k yellow gold, we have a variety of bangle bracelet styles to choose from. Phillips House designs a bangle bracelet collection called "Love Always" which features the designer's handwriting in the inside of each bracelet. Jude Frances has a fantastic representation of sterling silver, 18k yellow gold and mixed metal bracelets that stack fabulously together. Our most popular bangle designs are our Moyer Collection traditional, classic diamond bangle bracelets in multiple carat weights.

Whether you're buying your first diamond designer bangle bracelet or adding to a gorgeous stacked bracelet collection, let our fashionable experts at Moyer help you find your new perfect accessory.