Contour Bands

Contour bands, or curved bands, are designed to curve around the "head" of the engagement ring so the band fits completely flush with the engagement ring. Some rings have lower profile heads or center stone designs which makes it necessary to opt for a contour band.  Some engagement ring styles, like split shank engagement rings, three-stone engagement rings or twisted engagement rings, are more likely to need a contour wedding band if the bride wants it to fit flush with her ring. Our designer, Gabriel & Co. has a vast selection of contour bands for our brides to explore. 

The amount of curvature varies with each contour band design. Contour bands are available in a multitude of various carat weights and designs from whimsical, ornate bands to classic, diamond looks. Is your engagement ring in need of a specific contour design? Let one of our sales associates guide you to the perfect ring or help you design a custom contour band that fits your needs.