Temple St. Clair Jewelry


In 1986, Temple St. Clair founded her company in Florence, Italy, beginning her collaboration with the world's finest goldsmiths—the centuries-old Florentine goldsmiths' guild. With an artist's eye and explorer's heart, St. Clair fashions rare colored gems with distinctive gold work to illustrate universal narratives of the earth and cosmos.

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While in Florence in the 1980’s studying art and literature, Temple St. Clair’s mother came for a visit and was intent on finding an ancient coin to set in a jewel. She left Temple with the task of getting the coin made into a piece of jewelry. With that task, began Temple’s journey as a world-renowned jewelry designer.

“It is typically women who collect my pieces for themselves, as their own personal talismans. Whether in a pattern, a choice of gemstone color, or signature details, my jewelry seems to touch people in a subtle way, in a way that only a true jewel and keepsake can. It is hard to explain in words: it’s more ephemeral, a feeling, something familiar yet new. It’s our past and present all blended into a jewel," states St. Clair.

Temple's Fine jewelry collection is recognized for iconic rock crystal amulets, triple granulation and archer's granule; all are signature brand elements with a nod to the designer's classical foundation. Temple St. Clair is never without her rock crystal amulet. It's one of the first jewels that she ever created and it's her most iconic piece. Her pendant charms are fantastic for layering. Some of the most popular pieces are her sorcerer pendants, orbit pendants and angel pendants.

In 2017, Temple St. Clair joined Louis Comfort Tiffany and Alexander Calder as the third American jewelry designer whose work is represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts at the Louvre in Paris. The iconic Tolomeo pendant was selected because of its engineering, craftsmanship and the universal storytelling that is central to Temple St. Clair’s work.

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