Temple St. Clair Earrings

From earrings adorned with exceptional blue moonstone to ornately designed gold drop earrings, find an unparalleled of Temple St. Clair earrings at Moyer Fine Jewelers, an authorized retailer of Temple St. Clair. 

Temple only uses the highest quality gemstones in her creations making her color theory earrings and other gemstone pieces among the most beautiful in the industry. Clients of Moyer are particularly fond of the celestial inspired pieces featuring diamond adorned orbit earrings, diamond sole (sun) luna (moon) earrings and cosmos hoop earrings. 

Temple's signature moonstone is utilized in several earring styles including the Blue Moonstone Swing Earrings, Moonstone & Emerald Pave Heart Earrings, and Moonstone & Sapphire Color Theory Earrings. Temple only selects blue moonstone which displays an enchanting glow thanks to an optical phenomenon called adularescence. As light touches the stone, a luminous blue sheen appears from deep within.

To explore drop earrings, hoop earrings, amulet earrings and more, visit our Temple St. Clair selection at our Carmel, Indiana showroom. Let us help you select the perfect pair of earrings!