On-Site Jewelry Repair

Moyer Fine Jewelers features an on-site repair facility. Our master jewelers are the finest in their field and utilize the latest technology in laser machines. They take great pride and care in your repair. Most repairs, sizing, complex settings and jewelry designs are done in-house.

Moyer Jewelry Services

We invite you to visit us to see a first-hand look at how we care for you and your jewelry.

With over 40 years of experience, our team of expert jewelers will utilize trusted techniques to service your jewelry. A few of the jewelry repair services we perform are listed in detail below.


Jewelry Repair Services


Our sales associates can help determine your ring size and provide you with a free estimate for the service. We are able to size your gold, silver, or platinum rings up or down in our on-site shop. Our master goldsmiths are expertly trained to perform even the most difficult, precise ring sizing.


Want to engrave a personal message on a ring, watch case, etc.? Meet with one of our sales associates to discuss your engraving. We will provide you with a free estimate for the engraving service.


A simple cleaning and polishing of jewelry can restore any piece to its original look and sparkle! Polishing can be done to remove any deep scratching and restore the high polish metal to the piece(s). Jewelry cleaning is always free of charge at Moyer Fine Jewelers—even if you didnt purchase the piece from us! We are happy to provide cleaning and quick inspection of your jewelry while you wait. For more extensive cleaning and all polishing work, we will request that you leave your piece(s) with us for up to a week. Any item(s) that need polishing will be subject to a minimal fee unless they were originally purchased from Moyer Fine Jewelers.

White gold rings will need to be rhodium plated once a year to restore their original white finish. Nickel and other alloys are added to yellow gold to produce white gold and its finished with rhodium plating. Over time, that plating wears away causing the gold to return to its natural yellow tone. Having your rings plated or dipped restores the ring to its natural white shine. This process typically takes a day or two in our on-site shop. This process is also no cost to clients that purchased their ring at Moyer.


In gold rings, the shank (sides and bottom of the ring) gets worn down over time from wear and tear. For antiques or heirlooms, this is more common. When the shank of a ring gets too thin, its subject to cracking or breaking. Instead of adding more metal to the old shank, they will recommend replacing the shank with a new, thicker gold shank that will withstand more years of wear. This process is fairly common and can be performed in our on-site repair shop.


Its relatively normal for prongs to need re-tipped or serviced over the years. The prongs on your ring hold diamonds and gemstones in place, keeping them from falling out of the setting. Your prongs should be checked every time you bring your ring in for cleaning. One of our most common jewelry repairs, our jewelers are able to re-tip your prongs to their original condition ensuring your stones stay safe and secure in your setting.

Is your ring or necklace catching on your clothing or scratching you? It could be because one or more of the prongs have lifted from the stone and they need to be tightened. This can be a simple service that our jewelers can perform while you wait. If more extensive work is required, we will ask you to leave your piece for servicing.


If any of your diamonds or gemstones fall out of your ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings, we can replace them in our on-site shop. Our jewelers will work to hand-match your existing diamonds or gemstones with a replacement that blends perfectly with the piece. An exception to this would be if the original designer prefers to do all service to protect the overall integrity. Tacori, for instance, recommends that all repairs- including stone replacement- go through their artisans at the Tacori headquarters in California.

If your center diamond or gemstone in your ring is missing or damaged, you could be eligible for an insurance claim to get a new center stone. We have experience working directly with insurance agents to help you find a new diamond or gemstone.


Some women opt to have their wedding band(s) soldered to their engagement ring to reduce the amount of movement and scratching that can occur when an engagement ring and wedding band are worn together. Our jewelers can laser solder the rings together creating one piece instead of multiple pieces.


Engagement ring trends tend to change over the years as do tastes and style preferences. Many women who have been married for a significant number of years desire another look or style for their engagement ring. Other women just want a larger, more significant diamond look. We can take the center diamond from your existing engagement ring and set it into a new mounting of your choice. We have several well-known, world-renowned designers such as Tacori, Michael M, Christopher Designs, Rahaminov and more! Select your new engagement ring mounting from our inventory and let our jewelers create a brand new, gorgeous look!


If your pearls need restringing, we will send them to one of our trusted pearl vendors to perform the service. We are able to provide you with an estimate to restring your pearls while you wait.


Many watch repairs will need to go to the manufacturer for repair work, especially if the repair is on the movement or any other function inside the case. Simple battery changes can be done in-house by our watch experts; however, we cannot guarantee water resistance after a watch battery is changed at our store. We may require that all services on watches of certain quality or brand be returned to the manufacturer for battery changes and other work.