Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamonds are best described as a "pillow" shaped diamond because of their rounded, soft edges and large facets. A descendant of the "old mine cut" or "mine cut", cushion cut diamonds can have a varying number of facets depending on the specific type of cushion cut. Although there are a few types of cushion cut diamonds, Moyer most often works with modified cushion cut diamonds. The most common of the cushion cut diamonds, this diamond has an extra row of facets giving it a "crushed ice" look. The cushion cut diamond is a popular diamond shape for brides because has more fire, or rainbow flashes of light, than any other shape! 

Find an incredible selection of cushion cut engagement rings at Moyer Fine Jewelers. Allow one of our bridal experts to help you navigate the various styles from iconic brands such as Tacori, Christopher Designs, Jack Kelege and more.