Our collection of bracelets is unparalleled; from fancy, fine diamond bracelets to casual, everyday bracelets, we have options for every occasion or style. We love helping women create their own bracelet stack- it’s currently our favorite trend! Combining bracelets with different metal colors, designers, and diamond or gemstone looks helps give the wearer her own unique look. With a bracelet stack, the wearer has the option of mixing and matching bracelets daily depending on her outfit or on the occasion.

Diamond bracelets are a staple in a woman’s jewelry collection. Let one of our sales associates show you around our selection of classic diamond tennis bracelets, designer gold bracelets, trendy diamond fashion bracelets, and everything in between. Our diamond bracelets come in various styles, carat weights and metal colors.

In recent years, gold has become increasingly popular in women’s jewelry, and gold bracelets are no exception. We have several bold gold designs from Italian jewelry designers such as Papini and Nanis. Among our most popular gold bracelets are our stretchable, slider bracelets from Hulchi Belluni!

Silver bracelets like the classic cable bracelets from David Yurman are among our best sellers and great options for gifting! Whether you’re searching for a simple, silver bracelet or one that incorporates diamonds or gemstones, let us show you our collections of David Yurman, John Hardy and Lagos, three of the world’s most renowned silver bracelet designers.

Most of our bracelets are bangles so they fit closely to the wearer’s wrist. With the exception of tennis bracelets, almost all of our classic diamond bracelets are bangles. Other styles within the bracelet collections are cuffs or link bracelets which are increasingly popular with designers such as Jude Frances and David Yurman.

Gemstone bracelets are a common gift for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. Although the most popular gemstone bracelets incorporate rubies, sapphires or emeralds, we also have several styles that utilize semi-precious gemstones into their designs.

Come to our Carmel, Indiana showroom, and let one of our talented associates help guide you to your perfect bracelet.