From trendy to casual, we offer a vast selection of rings that are the perfect way to give your fingers some bling. There are so many types of rings to accessorize with: rings with diamonds, rings with colored gemstones, gold & silver rings, stackable bands, statement rings, and so on! Our collection of designer rings for men and women is full of classic, everyday rings as well as on-trend, bold rings to choose from in all price ranges.

When in doubt, add some sparkle to your fingers with a gorgeous, high-quality diamond ring. Diamond rings are a broad category, and we have so many different looks to choose from. We carry some of the most renowned designers that create unique as well as timeless diamond rings with an eye-catching sparkle. Looking for big, stunning sparkle? Rahaminov Diamonds’ diamond rings are a picture of elegance and sophistication. From their classic three-stone diamond rings to their more trendy bubble diamond rings, their collection is perfect for the high-end shopper. For a more subtle diamond ring, consider a diamond band from Gabriel & Co or from the Moyer collection. Whether you’re looking for a ring with small diamond accents or looking for a larger diamond look, diamond rings are always a glamorous way to step up your ring game. 

Incorporating colored gemstones into your ring bling is a modern way to stand out in a chic, fashionable manner. Add a splash of color to complement your outfit and create a playful, energetic vibe. We love to mix and match with Eriness’ assortment of colorful gemstone ring designs. Eriness has the perfect combination of diamonds and colored gemstones to create a trendy look for the fashion-forward woman. However, gemstones aren’t always worn to be vibrant or fashionable. Many people include gemstones for sentimental reasons, such as their birthstone or for the meaningful symbolism. For less bold, but still beautiful gemstone rings, David Yurman’s Châtelaine Collection features radiant gemstones rendered in his signature cushion cut. One of our newer designer brands, Temple St. Clair, has a selection of rings curated with gemstones to highlight the color’s glowing shade.

In terms of metals, we have a diverse collection of rings in white, yellow, and rose gold, sterling silver, and some that combine multiple metals! Although some prefer to stay consistent with their metal types/colors, in recent years, mixed metal rings have become quite fashionable. Yellow gold, in particular, has made a comeback over the years. Temple St. Clair’s collection of yellow gold rings are the perfect mix of classy yet contemporary.  Yellow gold is luxurious and always a gorgeous choice. We also carry designers who are recognized for their silver ring designs, including Lagos, David Yurman and John Hardy. Lagos’ silver ring collection has a variety of styles to choose from that all have their signature Caviar design worked into their rings. John Hardy’s artisans in Bali handcraft powerful and unique rings. John Hardy’s signature design is hammered detailing and dramatic detail. We have so many silver options available for every style you’re looking for.

Another fun way to style rings is to stack them up! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how you mix and match your stackable bands or rings. You can stack colored gemstone bands or mix different metal colors- the combinations are endless! This trend allows you to express your style and gives you the ability to switch the look of your stack daily.

Our fashion bar is full of price point, stylish rings that are a fun way to bring out your personality and create different looks with a handful of rings. Rings from Gabriel & Co., Luna Skye and more give women the ability to be on the cusp of the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank.

Thick diamond bands have become one of the most sought-after styles for women who want that bold, captivating look. World-renowned designers Picchiotti and Zydo have created a spring technology which allows their diamond rings to be pulled, twisted, flexed and otherwise manipulated without breaking or losing their shape! These rings are PERFECT for women who want that big diamond look without having to worry about sizing their rings as they age. Zydo offers different styles for their rings including colored gemstone styles in Sapphire, Ruby, Emerad and Rainbow Gemstones.

Whether you’re looking for a new, fashion forward colored gemstone ring or a classic, timeless diamond ring, we have options from the world’s most iconic designers.  Shop our wide selection of designer rings for men and women including diamonds, gemstones, and more at Moyer Fine Jewelers.