Stackable Bands

In the last few years, stackable wedding bands for women have gained tremendous popularity as a trend across the country. This means rather than just wearing one wedding band, the bride stacks multiple bands next to her engagement ring. Stackable bands are not just popular among new brides, but as a right-hand fashion statement for women of all ages.

There are no rules when it comes to stacking bands. The wearer can incorporate straight, simple diamond bands, gemstone bands, geometric bands and plain metal bands into her stack. Women are also wearing stackable bands on their right hand or on a finger besides the wedding finger as more of a fashion look

We always let our brides and fashion clients know that it’s okay to mix metals! Sometimes the best combinations come from letting white, gold and yellow gold mingle on your finger. Stacking rings also allows the wearer to mix and match bands next to their engagement ring based on their outfit or desired look. On many occasions, women will experiment with straight diamond bands and geometric bands and arrange them in an alternating pattern.

Gemstone bands are fun to add to a stackable band look because they add a pop of color! Stack a birthstone band next to your straight diamond band for a unique look. You can also simply incorporate your favorite colored gemstone bands into your stack. As we said before, there are no rules! We typically also recommend adding birthstone bands to a bride’s stack as a gift to celebrate a new baby!

A “rule” in the jewelry industry is that you should stack your bands in an odd number, going with three or five bands rather than two or four. For some women, that’s a lot of stacking! They love the look but desire a simpler solution. We also have bands that are designed to look like stackable bands but are only one ring! Many of our designers have double or triple row diamond bands that achieve the look of multiple bands stacked together without all of the work. We can also solder your stackable bands together so it’s easier to put them on in a hurry!

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