Anniversary Bands at Moyer Fine Jewelers

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It’s wedding season, which means your anniversary could be right around the corner! An anniversary band is a great way to celebrate years of marriage, and a sign of renewed commitment to your partner. Whether you are celebrating one year of marriage or 50 years together, ditch the flowers and chocolate and make this year truly special with a diamond band from Moyer.

What is an Anniversary Band?

Anniversary bands are similar to wedding bands in that they celebrate-you guessed it- anniversaries!  Typically an anniversary band is comprised of larger diamonds, which give it a higher carat total weight than a traditional wedding band. Moyer has a selection of anniversary bands ranging from 1 carat total weight up to 10 carats total weight.  When you shop at Moyer, you will find bands with round brilliant diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds or oval shape diamonds. Although white diamonds are the most popular in these bands, they also come available in fancy yellow diamonds. Looking for a band with diamond halos around each diamond? How about a style with multiple rows of diamonds? Find several of these band options by Norman Silverman, Rahaminov Diamonds and our other designers when you shop at Moyer. Norman Silverman Anniversary Band, FM715

Norman Silverman, FM715

Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F15209

Norman Silverman, F15209

Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F14459

Norman Silverman, F14459

Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F14458

Norman Silverman, F14458

Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F14206

Norman Silverman, F14206

Norman Silverman Anniversary Band F11607

Norman Silverman, F11607

After finding the diamond shape and size you like, you will choose whether or not you want the diamonds to go half way around the band, three-fourths of the way around the band, or all the way around the band. When diamonds continue around the entire band, the style is referred to as “eternity”.

How do you wear an Anniversary Band?

Anniversary bands can be worn multiple ways. Some women choose to stack their new band with their wedding set. This gives them a trendy, stacked look! Other women choose to wear their band as a right hand ring on the fourth finger. Either option is perfectly acceptable, and dare we say, going to be beautiful! For any questions about this blog or to schedule an appointment to shop anniversary bands, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or