Armenta: Poetry-inspired jewelry

b5644   Striking, feminine designs • Expressive mixed metals • Unique gemstone colors and shapes • Made in the US e7150 e3040Armenta offers old world and new world designs, handcrafted in Houston, Texas. Mixed metals are used, including 18k and 22k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, and “midnight” oxidized sterling silver, alongside rare gems including opal, lapis, labradorite, malachite, and green onyx.r7156 The designer, Emily Armenta, finds inspiration in Spanish poetry and the Spirit of duende: the unpredictable passions that surge within in, manifesting as a creative source. The result is unexpected colors, mixed metals, and a youthful sensibility. Emily takes a unique, modern approach to jewelry design, which defines her signature look. Moyer Fine Jewelers has an expansive selection of Armenta jewelry in stock. Stop by today to see these beauties in person.