New OMEGA Watch Releases: Constellation Meteorite

It's going to be an exciting summer for OMEGA- both as the official timekeeper of the Paris Olympic Games and as far as new releases are concerned. We had the pleasure of speaking with OMEGA's brand trainer this week about all of the latest and greatest watches being released within all of their iconic collections. 

Constellation Meteorite


OMEGA (and several other watch brands such as Rolex on the iconic Daytona) have utilized a specific type of meteorite sourced from Africa for their former Constellation meteorite watches. However, Africa set a limit on how much of the meteorite could be exported which was recently exceeded. In the search for new meteorite material, OMEGA found their source in Sweden from a meteorite that is over 4.5 billion years old. The new Swedish based iron allows the crystalline structure giving the dial it's striation and aesthetic appeal. Each structure of meteorite is unique meaning that each dial is guaranteed to be unique. With the launch of the Constellation Meteorite collection, OMEGA is the only watch brand with a comprehensive collection of meteorite watches for both men and women in the watch industry. 

The 41mm and 29mm case sizes are all powered by mechanical automatic movements, and the 28mm and 25mm case sizes are operated by quartz. The colors of the watches are unique to their size profiles. Take a look at some of the new releases below! 

Constellation Meteorite 41mm Watches

Steel on Steel, Black Ceramic, $9700
Steel on Steel, Green Ceramic, $9700
Steel on Steel, Blue with Titanium Bezel, $9300
Moonshine Gold on Moonshine Gold, $42,400
Sedna Gold on Sedna Gold, $42,400
Sedna Gold is OMEGA's patented red gold creation. It's made using more copper content. This Sedna Gold watch and the Moonshine Gold watch (OMEGA's patented yellow gold) are alloyed with palladium which prevents oxidization and makes the watch harder and more scratch resistant. Most importantly, the addition of palladium keeps it from needing polished over time which removes overall gold weight and, therefore, value from the watch. 
Constellation Meteorite 29mm Watches
Steel on Steel, Plum, $13,000
Steel - Sedna Gold on Steel - Sedna Gold, $16,100
Steel - Yellow Gold on Steel - Yellow Gold, $16,100
Sedna Gold on Sedna Gold, $33,700
Yellow Gold on Yellow Gold, $33,700


Constellation Meteorite 28mm Watches

Steel on Steel, Silver, $9100

Steel - Sedna on Steel - Sedna, $11,700

Steel - Yellow Gold on Steel - Yellow Gold, $11,700

Sedna Gold on Sedna Gold, $27,600

Yellow Gold on Yellow Gold, $27,600 

 Constellation Meteorite 25mm Collection

Steel on Steel, Green, $8400

Steel - Sedna Gold on Steel - Sedna Gold, Purple, $10,800

Steel - Yellow Gold on Steel - Yellow Gold, $10,800

Sedna Gold on Sedna Gold, $25,300

Yellow Gold on Yellow Gold, $25,300

For those who love classic and traditional watches, these timeless OMEGA Constellation Meteorite timepieces are ideal choices, crafted with pieces of ancient space. To inquire about or to purchase one of these Constellation models, please reach out to Derek at or 317.844.9003. We look forward to helping you find your first or next fine watch at Moyer Fine Jewelers, an authorized retailer of OMEGA.