Grand Seiko's 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Timepieces

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About Grand Seiko

In the late 1950’s, a small team of Seiko’s finest watchmakers came together with a very simple yet ambitious aim. It was to create the very best watch with the highest possible levels of precision, legibility, durability and ease of use. In December 1960, their first creation was born. In keeping with the team’s ambition and desire to create the “king” of watches, it was named Grand Seiko. It had a level of accuracy equivalent to the superior grade of the recognized chronometer standard at the time. It marked the first step on a sixty year journey towards the summit of the watchmaking art.

Grand Seiko's 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watches

2020 marks the 60th anniversary of this achievement. Of course, the number sixty is one of the most fundamental numbers in horology. However, in Japan, it has an additional significance as a moment of new energy and re-birth. Today, to begin a full year of celebrations of this important landmark, four new timepieces are released that both celebrate the first sixty years of achievement and point the way forward to the next sixty year cycle of Grand Seiko’s life. All four of the new creations have dials in Grand Seiko’s signature blue color, but each one exemplifies a very different aspect of the wide range of expertise and craftsmanship that Grand Seiko commands today.

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Hi-Beat 3600 Limited Edition- SBGH281

The year 2020 marks sixty years since the creation of the first Grand Seiko timepiece. This is an anniversary that carries significance in horology and represents a moment of new energy and rebirth in Japanese culture. One of four Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions, #SBGH281 is an automatic watch in the Heritage Collection featuring the Hi-Beat Caliber 9S85. With the modern interpretation of Grand Seiko’s signature 44GS case design, SBGH281 marks this special moment of remembrance and renewal. Its dial showcases a gold Grand Seiko symbol and vivid red seconds hand – two colors that symbolize the rise of a new dawn in watchmaking. This automatic watch is limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide, and will be available this month! SBGH281

Heritage Collection Quartz Limited Edition- SBGP007

Grand Seiko celebrates sixty years of watchmaking with Caliber 9F85. Caliber 9F85 has a time difference adjustment function that allows the hour hand to be adjusted without stopping the seconds hand to maintain precision when the wearer changes time zones. #SBGP007 features a version of Caliber 9F85 that is specially adjusted to within 5 seconds a year, a level of accuracy distinguished by a gold star at the six o’clock position. This quartz watch is limited to 2,500 pieces worldwide, and will be available in March 2020. Grand Seiko SBGP007

Sport Collection Quartz Limited Edition- SBGP015

To honor a sixty-year heritage of creating durable, precise and legible timepieces, Grand Seiko introduces #SBGP015 – one of four Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions. As an addition to the Sport Collection, the rugged design of #SBGP015 features a ceramic bezel that is nearly impervious to scratches, LumiBrite-coated hands for superior legibility and a 20 bar water resistance for durability in any environment. This quartz watch is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide, and will be available in April 2020. Grand Seiko SBGP015

Women's Automatic Limited Edition- STGK015

In celebration of the sixty years since the start of Grand Seiko’s journey to design the most precise, durable and legible watch, comes a limited-edition anniversary timepiece in the Grand Seiko Women’s Collection. #STGK015 is an automatic watch powered by Caliber 9S27 with the perfect balance of precision, power reserve and slimness. The watch features 45 diamonds on its bezel and a mother of pearl dial in quintessential Grand Seiko blue. This automatic women's watch is limited to only 300 pieces worldwide! It will be available this month. Grand Seiko STGK015