Halo Engagement Rings: Trendy Yet Timeless

Looking for an eye-catching, modern yet classic engagement ring with extra brilliance? A halo engagement ring is the one for you. A halo is a setting for the engagement ring that emphasizes the main diamond with a ‘halo effect’ by featuring smaller diamonds surrounding that center stone. This setting effortlessly makes the ring look bigger than it is and has a show-stopping sparkle. It’s the ring that will grab your attention across the room. Halo engagement rings are one of the most popular setting styles, just behind the solitaire. This setting is a modern day trend; however, it has been around since the Victorian era. It is the perfect blend between being on-trend, timeless as well as elegant. With this setting style, you have the ability to choose which cut you want for the center diamond. They can be made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Although they may be one of the most popular settings, it can be made in the shape, size, and style of your choosing. Plus, a halo ring is a more affordable option for those looking for an overall larger appearance. We have so many options of halo engagement rings here at Moyer and we are here to help you choose the PERFECT ring.

Here are just 6 of our many STUNNING halo engagement rings:

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