Lucky Charms: 15 Charms to Add to Your Necklace!

Charmed, I’m sure! Whether you’re building your charm necklace with personal symbols of who you are or simply creating a fabulous accessory based on this fashion-forward look, we have the lucky symbol charms for you!

For you, it could be the meaningful Temple St. Clair angel charm with initials of loved ones engraved in the back. Or it might be the Doves by Doron Paloma starbursts that speak to you! Why just pick one? Mix multiple charms together for a look that is completely unique to you! David Yurman's new DY Elements collection has two charms that allow the wearer to change up their look by turning the charm from black onyx to mother-of-pearl.

Most of the lucky charm pendants below don't include chains in the pricing. This is done because so you can pick the chain that best speaks to you! Choose a plain yellow gold chain for a more ornate charm or a paperclip link chain to add some trendy flair to your charm necklace! 

Let us help you create the perfect charm look! Below are 15 of our favorite charms from Doves, David Yurman, and Temple St. Clair

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