New Arrivals from Phillips House: Aura, Enchanted and Link Collections

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The mother-daughter design team duo has once again created the most beautifully designed collections- Aura, Enchanted and Link- to add to the Phillips House jewelry brand. Our buyers had the opportunity to meet with the designers of Phillips House at the Las Vegas Couture show in June where they were showcasing these new collections for the first time. Kim Corbitt, the fashion manager at Moyer Fine Jewelers, raved about the new jewelry when she said, "The new collections are so different from anything that Phillips House has ever created before, yet all of the new pieces complement their existing collections so well. The jewelry is breathtaking on a display, but the pieces really come to life when they're tried on... especially layered and stacked with other pieces." Perhaps that's why we love these new collections so much! They are different and inspired but still fit perfectly with the overall Phillips House jewelry brand.

Aura Collection

One of the most distinctive of the three new collection, the Aura collection is defined by gold fluted discs adorned with diamonds. Light reflects beautifully against the ridged gold and sparkles against the pave diamonds in all of the jewelry. Below are a few of the pieces in the Aura collection. Phillips House Aura Gold and Diamond Interlocking Earrings

Aura Interlocking Earrings; $5595

Phillips House Aura Necklace with Diamonds

Aura Necklace; $1695

Phillips House Aura Latch Necklace

Aura Latch Necklace; $2995

Phillips House Small Aura Earrings with Diamonds

Mini Aura Stud Earrings; $1895

Phillips House Small Aura Ring

Aura Ring; $1325

Enchanted Collection

The Enchanted Collection can be characterized by small diamonds strung together to create a bigger diamond look. The various sizes of the diamonds and the way they are set in their prongs gives the jewelry in this collection an almost magical, whimsical look. Below are some of the pieces in the Enchanted collection. Phillips House Enchanted Y Necklace

Enchanted Y Necklace; $5975

Phillips House Enchanted Drop Earrings

Enchanted Drop Earrings; $5975

Phillips House Enchanted Bracelet

Enchanted Bar Bracelet; $4350

Phillips House Enchanted Petite Drop Necklace

Enchanted Petite Drop Necklace; $925

Phillips House Enchanted Ring

Enchanted Open Circle Ring; $2750

Phillips House Enchanted Necklace

Enchanted Necklace; $2950

Link Collection

True to its name, the Phillips House link collection is characterized by large rectangular links adorned with diamonds. Some pieces within the collections are simply intertwined with each other to create the "link" design. This collection is great for gifts as many of the pieces are under $1000! Below are some of the pieces from the link collection. Phillips House Large Link Necklace

Large Link Necklace; $1195

Phillips House Link Leverback Earrings

Link Leverback Earrings; $1250

Phillips House Link Long Leverback Earrings

Link Long Leverback Earrings; $2550

Phillips House Double Link Ring

Double Link Ring; $995

Phillips House Link Necklace

Link Necklace; $995

Phillips House Mini Triple Link NecklaceMini Triple Link Necklace; $950

About Phillips House

Phillips House is family owned and operated in Miami, Florida by designer Lisa Phillips Frankel. Her daughter, designer Danielle Frankel Nemiroff, and her son, Derek Frankel are heavily involved in both design and business operations respectively. Phillips House is perhaps most well known for their Infinity Pendants which are consistently a best seller at Moyer Fine Jewelers. Every year, Phillips House adds new designs that can be worn as everyday accessories to their jewelry repertiore.