Tacori Trends

Elongated Diamonds and Fraternal Twins are among Tacori's current trends. Yes, you read correctly. Elongated Diamonds and Fraternal Twin bands are this seasons "IT" look when it comes to engagement ring/ wedding band shopping. After months of researching trends, Tacori is seeing a nationwide trend toward the "elongated" diamond shapes such as the Emerald cut and Oval cut. These elongated beauties are just behind the classic Round Brilliant cut in popularity and neck-and-neck with the Princess cut. Below are some of our favorite engagement rings that spotlight these elongated diamonds.

Engagement Ring Trends- Elongated Diamonds

Now, to move on to the fraternal twin band trend. First of all, we need to answer the question you're thinking... What in the world is a fraternal twin wedding band look? It's two wedding bands, that are different in some way, stacked with the engagement ring. Whether you get your fraternal look by mixing metals or mixing styles, you're sure to have a very unique stacked look. We took the liberty of pairing some fraternal wedding band combinations in the below picture. fraternal wedding bands For more engagement ring or wedding band inspiration, visit moyerfinejewelers.com/tacori. Better yet, visit our store to try on hundreds of Tacori styles with one of our expert sales associates. If you'd like to make an appointment, please email lauren@moyerfj.com.