The 2014 Moyer Graduation Gift Guide for HER

These graduation gifts, featured in our gift guide, will be cherished for years to come, a constant reminder of her achievement and your proud respect.
A Graduation Gift Guide for HIM can be found here.


Even dressed in matching graduate caps and gowns, your graduate has a style of her own. Focus on her individuality and unique spirit at graduation time.

Initial necklaces

Something as simple as a diamond enhanced single initial will draw attention to your trend setter. This is a necklace she can wear to the graduation ceremony, a job interview, or even to Freshman Orientation.541409

Essence Bracelet

MKTG95975_PANDOR_E_rev2_WEB-1When you think of her, what words come to mind? Compassion? Faith? Energy? Courage? Wisdom? Create a unique, one-of-a-kind Pandora Essence bracelet for her, with beads representing what traits she possesses or traits you wish for her, such as Prosperity and Balance. It will be an encouraging and thoughtful gift she’ll wear everyday.

Wardrobe Staples

She will be entering the working world soon and requires jewelry wardrobe staples. You can never go wrong with a single gold bangle, a hoop earring, or a simple pendant. But add a bit of class with one of these enhanced wardrobe staples.

Wrap Bracelets

Wrap bracelets are both young and professional, customized with multiple colors, beads, and stones. Chan Luu offers an exceptional, affordable wrap bracelet in several color schemes.BS_3624WEBPCKBLUPRLMIX2_ACK_002__65096.1386686624.450.675

Diamond Bangle and Hoops

Lau bangle hoop imageAccent a simple gold, white gold, or gunmetal hoop with a line of melee diamonds. This classic bangle and hoop combination is the perfect choice for a new career woman.

Cable Bracelet

Invest in a designer cable bracelet, which will be recognizable and envied by all her co-workers. A David Yurman cable bracelet is the ideal gift for a young lady with fashion sense.

Fashionably Late

Don’t allow her to be late to her first job or that first class. Shower her with a fashionable watch so she can always look proudly to her wrist.

Michele Jelly Bean Watch

MWW12F000079_mainFunctional can still be fun. This vibrant and color watch from Michele features 40 topaz stones in a multitude of colors. The chronograph feature keeps her on time, to the very second.

Citizen Bella Watch

EM0120-58A_fullsizeElegantly beautiful, this stainless steel Citizen watch will transition from work to play easily. The luminous face has a slight design, while the bracelet rivals any designer cuff. Commemorate her achievement with any one of these fine gifts from Moyer Fine Jewelers. She’ll know just how proud you are, when she opens her graduation gift.