Up to $2000 OFF Your Engagement Ring!

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Are you ready to pop the question or ready for him to propose? Thinking about upgrading your diamond ring, or changing the look of your engagement ring setting? NOW is the time to purchase at Moyer Fine Jewelers. Through the end of August, receive up to $2000* off when you purchase an engagement ring or wedding bands!

About the Promotion

When you spend more, you save more throughout the month of August! Below are the incredible price breaks we're offering on any bridal purchase:

$500 OFF a $3,000 purchase or more...

$1,000 OFF a $5,000 purchase or more...

$1,500 OFF a $7,500 purchase or more...

$2,000 OFF a $10,000 purchase or more...


$5,000 OFF a purchase of $25,000 or more!

The promotion includes all of the categories below.

Engagement Ring Setting and Diamond

You want the perfect designer ring complete with a large diamond and intricate details. He wants to find her that perfect ring, but is focused on saving money. Now you won't be forced to choose between the perfect designer engagement ring or saving money. This incredible promotion allows you to do both! If you find an engagement ring mounting for $2500 and a diamond for $6000, you'll only be paying $7000 instead of $8500!

Engagement Settings

Looking for a new engagement setting, but not a new center diamond? There are many reasons to want a setting update. Many times we speak with women who are ready for a new style of wedding set. Sometimes, due to wear and tear of an existing setting, we suggest getting a new engagement ring setting rather than repairing the existing one. This month, regardless of the reason for changing your setting, you can apply this deal to your purchase as long as the setting you select is over $3000.

Complete Engagement Rings

Any of the engagement rings in what is known as our "complete" case will also be included in this deal. "Complete" simply means our bridal expert has already selected and set a live diamond into one of our settings, and it's ready to be purchased right out of the case. This case is home to fabulous pieces ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars, and a broad spectrum of options in various diamond shapes, sizes, metal colors and styles.

Wedding Bands

In the market for wedding bands? Let us help you save money when you purchase during the month of August! As long as the purchase is over $3000, you will save $500! Go for the diamond eternity band and a long-lasting gold or platinum band for him. Add the extra wedding band to your wedding band stack! For any questions about this blog or to schedule an appointment, contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com. *Loose diamonds (purchased alone) are not applicable to this promotion, and must be combined with a setting to be eligible. Certain exclusions apply based on contractual agreements. Not valid in combination with any other discount, offer or promotion. Only valid through August 31, 2018.