Breitling Professional

Crafting instruments for professionals has always been at the forefront of Breitling's DNA since their creation of the onboard clocks produced by the HUIT Aviation Department and favored by Air Forces in the late 1930s. In 1979, Willy Breitling enlists visionary entrepreneur and aviation amateur, Ernest Schneider, to help guide the company forward. Together, they embrace the latest technological advances and develop multi-functional instruments intended for explorers and professionals. 

Their first introduction to the Breitling Professional collection was the Aerospace in 1985. This new model, a multi-function quartz chronograph, is equipped with the latest generation of Swiss technology including a double display- both analog and digial- and two LCD screens. Every function is accessible by turning, pressing or pulling a single crown making this one of the most intuitive and unprecedented watches on the market at the time. 

In 1995, Breitling releases the ultimate wrist-worn rescue device for any adventurer and calls it "The Emergency". Inside its 43mm case is a micro transmitter enabling the wearer to send distress signals onto the international air distress frequency. Throughout the watch's development, it underwent a series of tests in the laboratory and in real-life situations and conditions by various search and rescue organizations and armed forces. In 1999, the Emergency made history on the first-ever non-stop round-the-world balloon flight. 

The Breitling Emergency models have received numerous improvements over the years. In 2013, Breitling makes it the world's first and only wristwatch with a built-in double frequency personal locator beacon. The upgraded micro transmitter in this Emergency II model has a more reliable frequency that allows enhanced security to provide more information and reduce the false alarms. 

The newest release in the Breitling Professional collection is the Endurance Pro in 2020. Developed in a range of bright, vivid colors, this watch was designed to be a lightweight option for athletes and a casual, everyday chronograph. It blends precision and innovative technology with colorful design, and is considered the ultimate athleisure watch. 

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