Glashutte Original SeaQ

The Glashutte Original Spezialist collection, which the iconic SeaQ model is part of, was designed to exceed expectation. The timepieces of the Spezialist Collection, including the SeaQ, offer maximum reliability whether you're wearing one at sea or on land. Inspired by the first Glashütte diver’s watch, the sporty SeaQ models are stylish options for sporting connoisseurs of all kinds. 

There are three subcategories of Glashutte SeaQ models- the SeaQ chronograph, the SeaQ, and the SeaQ Panorama Date. The SeaQ chronograph, with it's cool stainless steel and intense blue dial, has a striking look. The rotating bezel with its scratch-resistant ceramic inlay accompanied by the chronograph function, make this watch a diver's dream. Super-LumiNova in the indicies and numerals gives the wearer added legibility when they're facing murky, dark waters. This model is available in a variety of strap options including a synthetic blue strap, black rubber strap, synthetic grey strap and stainless steel bracelet. 

The new SeaQ models pay homage to the original Glashutte diver's watch from 1969 which was developed for sports divers. The newest addition to the SeaQ family (1-39-11-17-91-33) is featured with a red gold 39.5mm case, making it not only sporty but extremely elegant. In addition to the red gold model, there are models in stainless steel and stainless steel with yellow gold accents (1-39-11-10-90-34). Like the SeaQ Chronograph, the SeaQ models are equipped with a unidirectional, counterclockwise rotating bezel with a noticeable click for setting the dive time. All of the SeaQ watches are designed with dark dials with variations in black, navy blue and dark green for added legibility for the diver. Super-LumiNova in the arabic numerals and indicies further aids in the goal of increased legibility for diving. Powered by the Glashutte calibre 39-11, these SeaQ models are available on stainless steel bracelet straps, rubber straps and synthetic straps so regardless of your hobby, there's a Glashutte SeaQ perfect for you! 

Finally, the SeaQ Panorama Date models feature added functionality of a date window at 5 o'clock on the dial. The SeaQ Panorama Date watches also feature a 43mm case size, larger than the SeaQ models. The newest model in this collection (1-36-13-07-83-33) is the stunning reed green dial which reads beautifully even in the darkest depths. Powered by the refined manufacture movement Calibre 36-13, these watches run reliably up to a pressure of 30 bar, and offer a power reserve of 100 hours. 

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