Grand Seiko Heritage

Grand Seiko's Heritage collection breathes new life into tradition comprising well-balanced design and simple, pure essentials of watchmaking. The Heritage collection offers a selection of classic watches that pay homage to the earliest Grand Seiko timepieces including the 44GS and 62GS from 1967, re-interpreted with the latest movements, manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship. This collection embodies the Japanese aesthetic, featuring landscapes, seasons and more that take place in Grand Seiko's birthplace. 

The 44GS collection has defined Grand Seiko since its introduction in 1967. A young designer was challenged to create a watch that would set a style precedent for Grand Seiko's future. The result was the 44GS, a watch that embodied the nine design elements of Grand Seiko style. The blend of sharp edges and soft lines of the 44GS creates a perfect range of expression with light and shadow. The patented Zaratzu polishing adds further depth to these Grand Seiko watches. The dials of the 44GS combine a flat dial and a wide opening which lets light pour in, reflecting off the razor-edged, multi-faceted indexes and hands to showcase their brilliance. 

Also launched in 1967, the 62GS was Grand Seiko's first watch with an automatic movement. The timepiece gained popularity for its stunning design featuring a mirrored, multi-sided case, a wide dial opening and Grand Seiko's signature Zaratsu polishing. These elements combined to make 62GS a slim, clean, legible and comfortable watch. This iconic watch inspired Grand Seiko's seasons collection, an embodiment of Japanese nature and artistic sensibilities. New to the seasons collection are the SBGH341, expressing the beauty of sakura ensconced in snow, and SBGH343, expressing the vibrancy of new leaves on a cherry tree. 

Another collection within the Heritage collection is the Spring Drive Caliber 9R which was released in 2004. This design is based on an appreciation of the natural flow of time which is also seen in the gliding motion of the seconds hand, moving smoothly and without sound. One of Grand Seiko's most iconic models of our time, SBGA211, or "the Snowflake" is part of this collection's line-up. 

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