Graziela Jewelry

Born & raised in Brazil, Graziela Kaufman was surrounded by Brazil's gemological treasures from an early age. Traveling to different mining towns, she learned first-hand about the exceptional gifts Mother Earth provides and the environmental obligations that come with them. From these experiences, Graziela gleaned the importance of knowing the origin of every gemstone, to ensure responsible sourcing and the use of conflict-free stones. Inspired by her Italian jeweler grandfather, Graziela intertwines the natural beauty of gemstones with elegant, original designs. Caring for animals is a deep-rooted passion for Graziela, and a portion of all sales from the collection benefits conservation and animal welfare efforts. 

Graziela's Floating Diamond collection is a stunning homage to the glistening water droplets that adorn the foliage in the Amazon after a rainfall. With a fully adjustable 18-inch faceted ball chain, these best-selling necklaces allow for a perfect fit every time. 

The 3-Sided collection is a true testament to the beauty and uniqueness of every individual's tale. Just like how there are three sides to every story- yours, mine and the jewelry- this collection embodies the essence of personal expression. Inspired by the vibrant colors of Brazil, each piece features naturally mined gemstones in a variety of stunning hues. These gems are perfectly complemented by color-matched rhodium finishes. 

The Amazonia collection is a heartfelt tribute to the mesmerizing beauty and rich biodiversity of the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. Inspired by the lush flora and enchanting fauna that call this habitat home. By wearing a piece from this collection, you not only adorn yourself with exquisite craftsmanship and natural beauty, but also contribute to the critical conservation efforts that will help protect this precious ecosystem for generations to come. 

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