Longines Watches

Since Longines beginning, their story is characterized by a pioneering spirit, a quest for precision and a timeless vision of elegance. This has lead renowned pioneers and sports organizations from around the world to call for Longines' timepieces and timekeeping expertise. The story of the brand begins in 1832 when Auguste Agassiz teamed up with fellow watchmakers in the Swiss village of Saint-Imier to create a watchmaking workshop. At that time, components were produced in the homes of watchmakers before being assembled in the workshop.

In 1852, Auguste's nephew Ernest Francillon took over operations of the workshop, bringing together the artisans under one roof to establish a mechanized production system to ensure the highest quality and precision. Ernest also proved to be a pioneer in protecting Longines against counterfeits. He ensured all of the watches leaving the factory were engraved with a serial number, the trade name Longines and the signature winged hourglass symbol. Today Longines remains the oldest watch brand trademarked in the International Registry at WIPO.  

Over time, Longines has built a wide variety of high-beat stopwatches, chronographs, chronometers and elegant watches. Its watchmakers truly blazed trails and the brand continues to remain at the industry's cutting edge of innovation. From the time Longines created its first chronograph movement in 1878, the brand has significantly contributed to the evolution of sports timekeeping. Longines developed devices that accurately indicate the fifth, tenth, hundredth up to the millionth of a second. They also developed key innovative equipment to meet the specific needs of many sports.