Pasquale Bruni Earrings

Pasquale Bruni earrings range from Petit Garden flower earrings covered in diamonds to colorful Bon Ton and more. Choose among precious stone stud earrings or make a statement with Aleluia leave drop earrings full of sparkle. 

Pasquale Bruni is a family-owned Italian luxury jewelry brand that creates high-quality jewels easily recognized thanks to the emotion, soul and love that pass to whoever wears them. Our inspiration comes from nature blended in harmony our Italian roots, and from the self-awareness and femininity of contemporary women. Pasquale's children, Eugenia and Daniele, are deeply involved in the family business. From the gem sourcing to the final inspection, all Pasquale Bruni jewels are a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and an expression of "vera passione", an emotion felt by everyone who wears it. 

One of the most popular collections is Giardini Segreti, which is derived by nature with shapes reminiscent of butterflies, leaves, and flowers that make a statement from across the room. Looking for more of an everyday earring? Explore the Petit Joli collection of stud earrings. Choose from a variety of precious stones to add a subtle pop of color to your look.

Many celebrities accessorize with Pasquale Bruni earrings to elevate their look, whether on the red carpet or on date night. Recently, Giardini Segriti took center stage in Jennifer Lopez's movie, Marry Me. Let our expert sales associates help you find the perfect Pasquale earrings for your next event or everyday piece of jewelry.

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