Sloane Street Jewelry

Moyer Fine Jewelers is proud to be one of Sloane Street's newest authorized dealers. We are proud to bring our clientele a new collection with a lot of depth in yellow gold and colored gemstone jewelry.

Named after the famous shopping street in London, Sloane Street jewelry was created by mother-daughter duo, Frances & Charlotte. The name "Sloane Street" was chosen because of the fond memories they had shopping there. Sloane Street was home to Frances when she moved to London, and it was the location of their first mother-daughter girls weekend. Most importantly, it was the first place Frances and Charlotte went after the passing of their beloved mother and grandmother. Their mission as founders and designers of Sloane Street is to build a multi-generational jewelry brand that creates timeless designs for all women.

There are five collections within the Sloane Street brand: the Classic Collection, the Spectrum Collection, the Caviar Collection, Roman Numeral Collection and the Charlize Gadbois Sterling Silver Collection.

As the name suggests, the Classic Collection is the backbone of the Sloane Street brand. It embodies the Sloane Street woman. By taking timeless staples and adding contemporary texturing, these pieces will remain in her jewelry collection for years to come. In this collection, the "strie" technique of burnishing small vertical lines into the gold is very apparent. Even though all of the Sloane Street collections have this "strie" effect, the signature look takes center stage with beautiful white diamonds in the Classic collection.

The Spectrum collection is full of jewelry with a diverse spectrum of semi-precious and precious gemstones with rich, shimmering hues. Our favorite pieces are made with beautiful, vibrant turquoise, crisp, clean white agate and dark london blue topaz gemstones. These pops of color are perfect for the woman who is ready to dabble in colored gemstones but still wants the ability to wear her jewelry everyday.

The Caviar collection is made up of couture pieces that contain one-of-a-kind semi-precious and precious gemstones. Within this collection, no two designs are the same, like the nature of the gemstones themselves. We are particularly fond of the emerald, opal and tsavorite creations within this collection.