DOVES by Doron Paloma


From blues as deep as the ocean to golds as warm as the sun, each design from Doves by Doron Paloma is an ode to modern elegance. Women can indulge in the refined artistry of the latest diamond and gemstone treasures with Doves. From fashion-forward charm necklaces that inspired by celestial phenomenons to rich, fabulous colored gemstones, there's something for every modern woman within this designer jewelry collection.

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Although Doron Hakimian, president and chief designer of Doves by Doron Paloma, grew up in a family of precious gemstone manufacturers, he decided to pursue a career in Architecture. After receiving his architecture degree and several awards in the field, Doron realized his hidden talent for creating beautiful jewelry after spending a summer sketching pieces for his family business. His incredible gift for drawing, with his architect's eye, proved to be a winning combination for creating beautiful jewelry.

Some of our best-selling collections within the Doves jewelry brand are Mykonos, Fibonacci, Mondrian and Celestial. The Mykonos collection is recognizable because of its sky blue topaz framed with pure white agate. Perfect for summer and warm weather, the Mykonos pieces with their invisible-set diamonds are the perfect accessory. Fibonacci collection is guided by the famed Italian mathematician's "Golden Ratio" principle, and each piece in the collection is based in consistent geometry and proportions. The rich gold combined with the geometric shapes make the Fibonacci collection one to be desired. Instantly recognizable, the Mondrian collection features jet black onyx framing mosaics of baguette diamonds set in 18k white gold. Inspired by the art works fo the famous French artist, Piet Mondrian, this jewelry is perfectly minimalist and modern. Finally, drawing inspiration from the cosmos, the Celestial collection features bright diamond stars, golden crescents and more symbols of celestial beauty from our orbit and beyond.

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