Hamilton Watches


Known for Swiss precision and American Spirit, Hamilton watches are known for their high performing automatic, mechanical, and quartz watches for men and women. Innovation is key to Hamilton’s success. Hamilton watches are Swiss made but American at heart. They are well known for their craftsmanship as well as significance in terms of military and aviation. Hamilton’s watches are no stranger to the big screen, appearing in several iconic Hollywood films. From the railroads to the skies, the depths of the ocean to the urban jungle, Hamilton has a watch for it all.


Hamilton’s Khaki Aviation collection is the perfect Swiss pilot’s watch. An aviator watch is reliable and accurate for an adventurous pilot. This collection of precision timepieces has a variety of automatic, GMT, and pilot’s chronograph options for your ideal watch. Made for professional pilots, Khaki Aviation watches bring accuracy to your adventure.

The Khaki Field collection is designed specifically for the military. The collection has an array of classic army style watches that have continued to be tried and tested over time for accuracy. These watches were made to be rugged, robust and resilient to the outdoors and they can compete with the best sport watches out there.

One of the most iconic Hamilton Swiss made watches is the Ventura, the world’s first electric watch! Since its release in 1957, it has only gotten better. These triangular watches are bold with an unusual vintage style and charm. This watch is also known as the “Elvis watch” because he catapulted it into fame by wearing it in his 1961 musical comedy, “Blue Hawaii”. Born in the era of Rock and Roll, the Ventura was the perfect addition to the leather jacket, slicked back hair persona of the 1960’s.

The Jazzmaster collection consists of contemporary and modern watches that stem from Hamilton’s history and tradition but with fresh and refined quality craftsmanship. It is perfect for those who enjoy a blend of high quality, fashion-forward timepieces. Many businessmen wear Jazzmaster watches as it is perfect for business casual occasions.

The American Classic collection includes chronographs and automatic watches that were made as a representation of their American background. They offer a huge selection of versatile watches for everyday wear. No matter what your style may be, this collection has exactly what you’re looking for.

For those ocean explorers, Khaki Navy is the collection for you. Hamilton’s best dive watches were inspired by marine pioneers and designed to be the best underwater timekeepers. These watches have luminescent displays, guaranteed quality, and look good in, out, or under the water.

Hamilton’s Broadway collection was made for a modern, metropolitan man with a sophisticated street style. Available in automatic watches and quartz models with many movement options. The appearance of these watches are unique with different colors and texture combinations. These watches have the best of both worlds, they are the perfect day-to-night watch.

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