All Ressence watches share the same DNA in that their sub-dials continually revolve as does the main disc into which they're set. Think of this movement like moons in orbit around the planet. Like everything in time, Ressence watch dials are ever-changing. The Ressence logo—an outstretched hand—refers to the fact that the watch is a part of you, it blends with you. The perfect watches for collectors, Ressence are extremely rare as the company only creates around 300 models per year. Information is displayed on a single 2-dimensional surface, making the reader able to internally decode the time faster than a traditional watch model.

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Before exploring the world of watches, Benoit Mintiens, founder and creative mind of Ressence, had a portfolio of designing high-speed trains, aircraft cabins, medical devices, leather goods and hunting guns. By having the mindset of an industrial designer, Benoit considers the end user as the ultimate evaluation criterion. At the heart of a Ressence is ROCS, or the Ressence Orbital Convex System. This patented 3-dimensional complication is a more efficient way of telling time.

On the dial, the days are depicted with hollow bars and solid bars. The solid bars begin with Monday and end with Friday. The two hollow bars are for Saturday and Sunday. If the arrow is at the left side of the bar, it’s morning. Whereas, if the arrow is at the right side of the bar, it is evening.

The Type 1-2 differs distinctly from the rest of the collection in its design. Type 1 is also air filled inside the case. Born from the intersection of 6 spheres, it has an elegant cushion shape case. The Type 1 Slim is slimmer compared to the previous generation and it's more modern with its integrated strap.

The Type 2 model is the first mechanical watch with a smart crown. The e-Crown connects to your phone through an app, automatically setting and adjusting the watch to the right time when needed. This watch combines the reliability of electronics with the emotion and beauty of mechanical engineering. The Type 2 uses light energy to charge and power the watch. For added travel convenience, the Type 2 model has dual time zone features.

The Type 3 model engages with physics like no watch in history. When light moves from one substance to another- from air to sapphire crystal for instance— the refraction can distort perception. This effect is cancelled in the Type 3 due to the upper half being composed of oil. The wearer receives more clarity and immediacy from this function. A magnetic transmission connects the dry lower half (where the calibre is located) to the oil-filled upper half where the ROCS is located. Seven bellows compensate for oil volume changes due to temperature variations.

Like the Type 3 watch, the Type 5 is oil filled. Type 5 is the first mechanical watch to be perfectly legible under water regardless of the viewing angle. To achieve this feat, the complete ROCS 5 is immersed in oil which cancels out light refraction. This is a first for a mechanical watch. The oil also compensates for water pressure and keeps the watch super lightweight (doesn't require heavy oversized cases).

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